131015 – Sanctioned Crimes

Today’s Items:

Food Aid In The U.K.

The global economy is roaring back with such vigor that, for the first time since World War II, the Red Cross has launched an emergency food aid plan in the UK.    Britain is just one of many countries where families are struggling to put food on the table.    At least 43 million are not getting enough to eat each day and 120 million are at risk of poverty.

China’s Gold

Despite the 744 tons of gold that went through Hong Kong in the past eight months, the World Gold Council actually published their monthly update about the official gold holdings per country and the amount of gold held by China has not changed at about 1,050 tons?

The Plunge

As Obama is busy making sandwiches during the government shutdown, Tom Fitzpatrick says to expect the general short-term move of the Dollar Index down to the 78 to 79 and an extended target of 76.50.     Of course, these are chart analysis in a manipulated game; thus, we could see the dollar index do back-flips at this rate.    It does not stop the inevitable, but it makes the ride more interesting.

Obamacare Criminals

Oh, you just can’t make this stuff up folks. Rosilyn Wells, an Obamacare Navigator in Kansas, is there to collect your private information.    Even though she has an arrest warrant out for her.    To make things worse…    Although coded with tags that make the text invisible to the viewer, the “Terms & Conditions” of the Healthcare Gov website make it clear that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.


When the federal EBT food stamp went down on Saturday, residents in Springhill and Mansfield, Louisiana ransacked a Wal-Mart as they stuffed their shopping carts full of groceries and “paying” for them with near-empty EBT cards that essentially had unlimited account balances because all accounting was offline.    Here is the short of it…    Most people who live off the government have no concept of private property; therefore, when it hits the fan, you better be ready.

Organic Certification

New USDA rules are furthering the degrade of the integrity of organic certification.    It makes it easier for Big Food companies to continue adding junk ingredients to organic foods.    Perhaps a private organization, with a copyrighted logo, for certification of organic foods is warranted.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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