131011 – Obama’s Folly?

Today’s Items:

Boehner Blinks!

Cry-me-a-river Boehner has offered to raise the debt ceiling; however, he wants negotiations.   The GOP ‘s plan would suspend the debt limit until November 22nd, or the Friday before Thanksgiving.   They should have suspended it til October 31st…    This way everyone would get tricked when they thought they would get a treat.

Gold and Silver

Despite all of the B.S. from all of the bullion bank and reserve bank con-artists, China is on pace to consume a record amount of gold again this year and India, even faced with a government hostile to gold, is stockpiling physical silver.     No one, who is paying attention to what is really going on, cares a hoot about the price fluctuation in gold and silver because they know what is money and what is not.     And guess what, paper, no matter how pretty, and digital blips are not money!

Obama Channels Nixon

According to a new study, Obama, who promised the most transparent administration in history, is the most aggressive about leaks since Nixon.    Obama’s immoral and illegal tactics, which include using the Espionage Act to pursue leakers, have had chilling effect on accountability.     This is just one reason why the U.S. Government has become nonfunctional and a pathetic joke.

Jobless Claims

At 374,000, the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits hit a six-month high last week.     California, which is still dealing with technical problems from the upgrading of its computers, accounted for about half of the increase in claims.    Well, at least those Obamacare computers are fully functional.

Obama’s Folly?

To date, there exists no evidence whatsoever that anyone has successfully enrolled through Healthcare.gov.    The one person the Obama administration touted as being the first successful enrollee turned out to be a P.R. fraud.    If California spent 200 million dollars on a DMV overhaul program that failed miserably, there is a good chance, with so many different systems being strung together, that this 634 million dollar website may go down as Obama’s Flop err…  Fraud err…  Folly.

Getting Out!

After his betrayal of his country, Insane McCain is retiring.     In addition, with only 42% support, Lindsey Graham may not survive primary challenges in his own home state.    Let’s hope the voters in South Carolina tell Graham where to stick it.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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