131009 – Scapegoat

Today’s Items:

Drones To Kill Without Authorization

Yes folks, some people in high places want drones to be able to make kills without that pesky human decision oversight.   Yep, let the drone kill as its program sees fit.   Maybe we could get a bunch of these super drones together under a single AI computer system.    Let’s call it….   Ah…   Skynet!


The T-Bill yield has now spiked massively more than during the 2011 Debt-Ceiling debate.
1-month yields are the same as 18-month yields were 2 weeks ago before the debt-ceiling debacle began.   In fact, for the first time on record the yield on short-term Treasury-Bills is above the yield on U.S. interbank loans.   This makes the U.S. Government a more risky investment than U.S. banks!

It Hits Home

Taxpayers, who had supported Obamacare on emotional grounds, were treated to a wake-up call with the bill.    Yes, there is no such thing as a free lunch and now, these people, who blindly followed Obama’s advice, are going to pay.    There goes more of that disposable income, there goes that retirement, and there goes more local economic activity.

Sharing Data

Personal information submitted through Maryland’s online Obamacare exchange, and perhaps others as well, can be shared with appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.    In addition, e-mail correspondence may become a public record.    In other words, these exchanges apparently are one big phishing operaiton for massive sanctioned identity theft.    How bad must it be that even Illinois has issued warnings about identity theft.

NSA’s Power Surge

The NSA is on a power-trip; however, their 1.4 billion dollar data center in Utah has been hobbled by chronic electrical surges as a result of at least 10 electrical meltdowns in the past 13 months.    Without a reliable electrical system to run computers and keep them cool, the NSA’s global surveillance data systems can’t function.    Doesn’t that just bring a tear to your eye?

Who’s Being Blamed?

Major studies have illustrated the negative impacts of GMO’s and now, we need to find the villain. Biotech giants, like Monsanto, are now trying to find the scapegoat and who are they pointing their fingers at?    That’s right…    The farmer, who is trying to make a living is responsible for the super-bugs, super-weeds, and the mass killing of bees.    This is even more stupid than blaming the gun for gun violence.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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