130927 – Flash Bonds

Today’s Items:

EU Bank Aid

The European Commission wants to create a new 50 billion euro financial backstop for ailing banks from its member countries that do not use the euro currency.    Maybe they can get that 50 billion euros from Spain or… even Greece!   At least they are not having a Bank holiday like in Panama until October 1st!

Flash Trading

While the vast majority of Americans are in the dark as they marvel at the new 100 dollar bill on October 8th, the U.S. Dollar is undergoing global rejection that is taking the world by storm.   To avoid a calamity with interest on the 10 year Treasury bonds going above 3%, the Fed and big U.S. banks called upon themselves to place artificial high bids and sold among themselves in a circle jerk of Flash Trading to keep that from happening.    Needless to say, this is not reality and it will not last.

Obamacare Delayed

Online Obamacare enrollment for small businesses has been delayed until November 1st.    With that said, in-person, or phone meetings with your local ACORN err…   Obamacare navigator can still go on as of the 1st.

Staying Offline

A recent survey, by the Pew Research Center, shows that 15% of Americans do not use the internet.    The survey found 34% of the offline Americans said the Internet is not relevant to them.    The survey also found 19% of non-Internet users cited the expense of owning a computer or online connections.   It is a good bet, they do not have a smartphone; thus, the NSA is going to have a hard time with them.     Of course, there may be another reason to avoid computers…

PC Backdoor Access

The Intel vPro processors contain a “secret” 3G chip that allows remote disabling, and backdoor access, to any computer even if the computer is turned off.   In a promotional video, Intel even brags that they can “fix” computer problems remotely with the computer off.    There is now more than just a ghost in the machine with these kind of processors.

Putin Punks Obama

By 49 to 25%, a recently released YouGov poll shows that Americans overwhelming believe Putin has been far more effective than Obama on Syria.   Most likely because Obama did not want a peaceful resolution as he tried everything to get the U.S. to support only the military option.


Bill Clinton thinks his daughter Chelsea would make a better president.    This is the ideologue, while in New York City on 9/11, whose first thoughts after the first plane hit the World Trade Center, and people dying, were “with the Bush tax cut we wouldn’t have enough money to repair the World Trade Center.”    Great, another Hillary!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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