130923 – Gun Control Fails

Today’s Items:

Expect Chaos

Egon von Greyerz, who was among the few to predict that there would be no tapering by the Fed, says to expect 2014 QE to increase substantially.     He goes on to say that pension funds and savers will be forced to invest in rapidly plunging Treasury bonds in order to prop up a collapsing bond market.

NSA Targets Bitcoins

NSA-leaked documents show they are working closely with the U.S. Treasury and are very interested in Bitcoins.     Considering that the NSA has been apparently breaking both national laws and international agreements with their data collecting, it is easy to see that they are aggressively working for central bankers to destroy decentralized currencies like Bitcoin.

Government Shutdown

Despite attack ads and lies, a new poll of likely voters shows that 51% of Americans want Obamacare gone, even if it means shutting down the government.   58% favor a federal budget that cuts spending, while only 16% prefer one that increases spending.    64% prefer smaller government; however, they are critical of the Tea Party movement.    So, lets shut it down and see how everything works.    Speaking of shutting it down…

Truckers Protest

Between October 11th and 13th, 1 million truckers, with their Canadian counterparts, will be on strike and will not delivery anything.    They have requested that people join their cause by not participating in any economic activity.    They claim that if they can get 10% of America on board, the entire game changes.   Personally, the strike would have more of an impact if it were around the time leading up to Black Friday in November.

Harvard Study On Gun Control

Even academia is siding against the Obama, Feinstein, and Bloomberg gun control lies; in that, the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Safety released a study of the relative effects of stringent gun control laws.    The report clearly shows that both industrialized nations, and areas within those nations, that have stringent gun control laws, have a much higher murder rate than other areas.    In short, buy a gun and save a life because gun-free zones mean more body bags.

More Lifers In Prison

According to a new study, one in nine American prisoners is locked up for life.    Of the record of nearly 160,000 serving life sentences, 49,000 were serving without the possibility of parole, up 22.2% since 2008.    How long before we start turning Manhattan Island into a real prison?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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