130903 – A Ruinous Heap

Today’s Items:

Congress and Syria

We are told that Obama is facing a skeptical Congress for a strike on Syria.   Here is a simple question…    Since Congress was lied to about the extent of the NSA spying program, how can Congress trust Obama on Syria?     What is really going on in the backrooms is what the public calls blackmail.     Since the NSA has the goods on everyone in Congress, even by a small margin, the vote for war will win.     This is a government based on deceit and lies…     Damascus will become a ruinous heap.

Military Unites

Communication though the military ranks about Syria is coming to the forefront.    How long will it be before Obama will not be able to give a simple order to a Marine to hold an umbrella for him?

Take Your Money Out of the Bank!

Cyprus was a test run for the bail in where depositors money was legally confiscated, or stolen by their government.    Similar rules are in place in other nations; such as the UK, Canada and the U.S.     The FDIC can only cover 0.25% of all deposits and only .007% of the derivatives exposure of the big banks.     Stop being an unsecured creditor to a large Wall Street bank, with your deposits, and get your money out.      Maybe local public banks or credit unions may be safer.

Proof of Snooping

Cyber-security company High-Tech Bridge set out to test the confidentiality of 50 of the biggest internet companies.    For over 10 days, they sent out messages with a secret URL that should have only been known by the sender and recipient.    They found that Facebook, Twitter, and Google clicked on the link showing they read the email.

How GMOs Will Be Eradicated

No thanks to the corrupt FDA,  Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone got kicked out of Walmart, Starbucks, and Dannon because people found out about the cancer risks.      The president of Whole Foods confessed when a product is verified as Non-GMO, sales leap 15 to 30%.    In short, education and profit will destroy GMOs.

Zombies Are Real

As seen in this video, a McDonald’s worker found out that zombies are real.    They feast on McNuggets instead of human brains.    With that said, the snarling and threats of eating the McDonald’s workers face off is scary enough.    No wonder McDonald workers are demanding a wage increase. Perhaps, they should be armed with a lobo as well.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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