130823 – Obamacare Detective Squad

Today’s Items:

Indian Revolution?

The value of the Indian Rupee is dropping like a rock.   The Indian economy has slowed and the cost of borrowing in U.S. Dollars has risen.    As the Rupee falls, along with the associated inflation and banning of all physical gold coin imports to citizens, the second most populated country in the world may be well on its way to revolution.

Syria Chemical Weapons False Flag?

It has been reported that up to 1300 people died in Syria due to Chemical weapons.   Syrian death squads, or terrorist killers, are claiming that the Syrian government was responsible.   The location of the attacks is suspect; in that, the military has been bombarding that area and the terrorists may have detonated the chemical weapons in desperation and in coordination with the NATO/US propaganda machine to bomb the “freedom” into Syria.

September Could Be Silver’s Month

Morgan Stanley disclosed in SEC filings that it could be forced to exit commodities by September 21st.   Oh, let’s not forget about the Fed’s laughable claim of tapering off on QE.   In short, we could see a perfect storm in the rise of commodities; thus, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

NSA Reveals More Secrets

One of the most infuriating aspects of the Obama Administration is that aside from the fact that they routinely trample the rights of Americans, they add insult to injury by consistently denying that their actions are illegal or unethical.    For example, a court order has compelled the NSA to unclassify just 3 documents showing that as many as 56,000 emails and other communications by ordinary Americans annually over three years were collected.   That is over 18,000 per document!

Obamacare Detective Goon Squad

86 of the 1,600 new employees hired as consumer safety officers for Obamaare are tasked with criminal investigation.    The employment expansion for Obamacare  was in despite a government-wide hiring freeze.    The new employees’ salaries alone cost the U.S. at least 138.8 million dollars every year.    But, don’t worry, the way interest rates are climbing, the Federal government will not be able to pay anyone in the not-to-distant future.

Christmas Sales?

Forget about Christmas in July!   Retailers, like Toys R Us, WalMart and Target, that are desperate for revenue, have started their Christmas promotions now!    Yes folks, you have a little more than 120 days left before Christmas, so go spend!

Hitler Finds out About Nasdaq

Hours after it happened, this video shows Hitler’s reaction to Nasdaq.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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