130821 – Sheep Protests

Today’s Items:

America In Trouble As Gold War Rages

The best indication of what is going on in America is the sudden slowdown in sales at Wal-Mart.     Richard Russell, does not believe the economy will be bright enough for the Fed to cut back on QE later this year.   Needless to say, this is just more upward pressure for commodities.

Germany Recognizes Bitcoin

After a parliamentary inquiry, Germany has clarified its position on Bitcoin and it is to be considered as “private money.”    It was just a matter of time and Germany won’t be the last.   Now, they are looking for ways to tax this currency in transactions.    Good Luck!    At any rate, this represents a major step towards a more decentralized and freer world.

Supporting Whistleblowers Is Terrorism?

Just being associated with somebody that criticizes mass surveillance programs can now get you detained in the UK.    Apparently, a lover of Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, was detained for 9 hours by British Police at Heathrow airport.    It was obviously payback for Greenwald embarrassing the NSA and the British counterpart, the GCHQ, since these police turned into the TSA… Nazi style.

Failure of GMO Crops

The good news is that GMO crops are well on their way to failing since their introduction into the American food supply in 1996.    The bad news is that there is an increase use in higher-risk herbicides use to soften the blow.   The primary culprit in this rise appears to be the continued emergence of “superweeds” as opposed to Super Chicken.    Like central bankers manipulating the price of gold and silver, it is a matter of time before GMO is history.

NSA To Cut 90% of System Administrators

To prevent another Ed Snowden incident, the super genius’s at the NSA plan to can 90% of their system admins in favor of automation.    While automation increases consistency and makes the results auditable.    It doesn’t really increase data/information security because information cannot live on a server, making it more vulnerable.    Odds are the NSA is going to be less effective than it is right now.

Sheep Protest!

When people mindlessly go along with the opinion of a mob, or do what they are told by their so-called leaders, we call them sheep!    Well, this short video may make you think twice about the power of sheep!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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