130819 – Egypt Is The Plan

Today’s Items:

Egypt Violence Is The Plan!

The incoherent Obama policy on Egypt is drawing fire as violence spreads; however, how incoherent is a policy that, used terrorists, to overthrow a government?   Seriously, this was not an incoherent policy, the massive violence, with all of the innocent dead, was all part of a plan!

Consumer Confidence

In 2013, so far, consumer confidence missed expectations.   It was projected to be at a cyclical high of 85.2; however, it dropped like a rock to 80.    Both the current and future conditions indices collapsed to their lowest in 4 months. Nothing says economic recovery like a collapse in consumer confidence…    Not!

Escalating Run on Physical Gold

John Hathaway believes that gold market has turned and that shorts are really starting to feel the pain.   He goes on to say that those who have purchased physical gold still do not have it after 8 weeks.    In addition, the pyramid of paper claims surrounding the leverage on physical is at least 100 to 1…    More than a few people are not going to see their physical.

Following Obama’s Example

Here are a few ways we would be if we followed Obama’s example…
1. Take vacations at the most inopportune times and at the expense of others.
2. We would blame others for our own mistakes.
3. We’d spy on the neighbors without any guilt.
4. We would spend everyone else’s money.
In short, we would all be modern day politicians.

Sequester Shuts Down Space Surveillance System

On October 1st, while Obama continues playing golf and/or vacationing, the satellite and ground tracking system; known as the space fence, that tracks satellites, meteoroids and space debris heading our way, will be shut down because of sequester.    It’s interesting that government officials thought it reasonable to shut down such a critical part of our defense system.    At least we have Leonardo Retardo DiCaprio narrating a Hubble telescope documentary and the NSA tracking what everyone is doing on the internet at all times.

4 Reasons Why You Won’t Survive Bugging Out to the Woods

Here are two…
1. There are very few people who have the skills to survive the wild.   Hell, there are very few people who have the skills to survive a trip to the mall.
2. You’re not giving animals nearly enough credit…    These animals are not just going to walk onto your dinner plate with an apple in their mouths.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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