130809 – Obamcare Twists

Today’s Items:

Pre-Crime Search

Waco, Texas Police, in a clear act of violating the Constitution, are participating in a nazi-like program that searches apartments for possible pre-criminal acts and safety.     These Nazi thugs must feel it is necessary to trample on people’s civil rights.    Makes one want to leave the U.S. prison state.    Speaking of leaving…

Renouncing Citizenship

A record 1,131 people renounced their U.S. citizenship last quarter.     Compared to the 188 during the same period last year, this is a huge jump.     Expect it to get harder and harder to get out of the U.S. prison state in the near future.

Trash Lindsey Graham

Introduced to a cheering crowd earlier this week at a GOP executive committee meeting, a resolution was made to replace the Lindsey Graham.    The sooner, he, and his kind, are legally removed and sent to Guantanamo Bay where all of his kind belongs, the better.

Fleeing Exchanges

States like California, Connecticut or Wisconsin, that will use Obamacare exchanges, will lose main private insurers like Blue Cross, Eetna or United.    Suckers, in those states, are going to learn real fast why the rest of the world had envied the U.S. medical system prior to Obamacrap.    Speaking of Obamacare…

Part-Time Non-Solution

Small businesses hoping to avoid the high costs of ObamaCare, by switching to part-time employees, got unwelcome news.    The part-time hours will be added up to see if the total employee working hours meet the “full-time equivalent” criterion.   It is because of bureaucratic stupidity, like this, that the underground economy will thrive and force armed IRS agents to storm businesses demanding people’s work schedules to enforce Obamacrap.

IRS and DEA Secrets and Cover-Ups

The existence of an IRS manual that detailed a program used by the DEA has been revealed.    The manual funneled tips to federal agents and then instructed them on how to scrub the investigative trail clean.    In short, the IRS continues to turn itself into an armed unconstitutional goon squad.

Student Loan Borrowers

Only 40% of the 27.8 million federal student loan borrowers are making payments.    This means that the U.S. government is receiving the big goose-egg from 60%.    In addition, 2.1 million borrowers are in default.    With that said, I am sure the 7.9 million in school will soon graduate, get a high paying job and pay back their loans…    Not!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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