Al Qaeda ‘On Steroids’

News Flash:

Senator Lindsey Graham called the latest terror threat “scary,” and said that an emboldened Al Qaeda has been “on steroids” since the last year’s deadly strike in Benghazi, Libya.    He went on to say that he had a briefing with the bumbling idiot Vice President Biden that Al Qaeda is on the rise in this part of the world.

Well, Lindsey, if you are truly mystified, and that is highly doubtful, about Al Qaeda’s rise, perhaps you should join their biggest supporter, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, when he goes to Egypt.    After all, it was Obama that supported Al Qaeda in Libya, Egypt and Syria.


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One thought on “Al Qaeda ‘On Steroids’

  1. Al Queda is a spook, a scarecrow of CIA creation and it’s “on steroid” because of CIA efforts to recruit, equip and fan radicals’ hatred.

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