130720 – Obamacare Dying!

Today’s Items:

Testifying About NSA Spying

The fallout of the NSA surveillance programs in Europe has been quite significant.    To that end, the European Parliament is getting prepared to launch an investigation.     Ed Snowden, unless he is assassinated by the CIA via means like a heart attack or a car crash, will be called upon as a witness.   NSA chief General Keith Alexander and journalist Glenn Greenwald may be also be called to testify.

Then Economy Tanks

While analysts have opined that the U.S. is well on the road to recovery and cite various manipulated data points, Bernanke, testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, had a less than optimistic tone.   In fact, this brain-dead fool finally told the truth; in that, if the Fed tightened their fiscal policy…  the economy would tank.    In short, the market needs the Fed’s hit of dollar heroin, or the game is over.

Justice Inaction

Representative Issa made the point that if the Department of Injustice has been dragging their feet on the obvious criminal activity of the IRS, how the hell can anyone seriously expect that the IRS to keep people’s medical records secured?    Well, the answer to that question is simple…    They won’t! Especially since the current IRS scandal has now been linked directly with the White House.

JP Morgan

If you are stupid enough to have invested with JP Morgan, you should know that the London Whale Office is investing 400 billion dollars in client money in credit derivatives.    Nothing says financial safety like derivatives… Not!

Detroit’s Eulogy

With 18 billion dollars of debt and 78,000 abandoned buildings, the city of Detroit has filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.    Decades of liberal ideas transformed the Motor City into a model of urban decline. The 100,000 creditors for the city are screwed folks!     In addition, one can be assured that other big cities with liberal governments; such as New York, will see the same fate.

Hobby Lobby

A federal district court has granted Hobby Lobby a preliminary injunction that prevents Obama hoodlums from enforcing its Obamacare mandate.    From delays to court challenges, the tide has turning against Obamacare and its socialist principles.    We even have officials from the HHS finally admitting that people may not be able to keep their own doctor under Obamacare.   Time to throw this legislation and the communist prick, whose name is associated with it, out for good.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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One thought on “130720 – Obamacare Dying!

  1. The biggest problem facing the usa and the world is that of Illegal Price fixing of oil/gas/energy by the super rich, bankrupting the whole world. Can you write something on that?

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