130718 – Sweet Tooth to Cancer

Today’s Items:

Currency Controls in Cyprus

Despite it being against the rules of the European Union enshrined in the 1992 treaty, Cyprus is the first nation using the euro to restrict the flow of capital; thus, even with the series of bailout packages, we may actually be seeing the start of the breakup of the euro-zone.   Those on Cyprus feel as if they are using a second-class euro as most banks in Cyprus have stopped issuing loans.

27.6 Million

The U.S. Mint has updated its Silver Eagles sales stats to indicate a massive 27.575 million ounces sold in July, and 52.62 million ounces sold for the year!    It appears more currency is headed for hard assets.

Gold and Silver Beach Ball

According to Keith Barron, Ben Bernanke’s comments wee frightening to the bond market because it was essentially crashing and interest rates were spiking.   Because of the servicing of the national debt, interest rates are the last thing that needs to rise.   To this end, gold and silver prices have been a like a submerged beach ball.    The Fed has to keep interest rates near zero – no matter the cost and that includes letting go of hidden control of gold and silver.

Gas Pain

We are told that gas prices are expected to remain volatile because of the so-called geopolitical fallout in the Middle East.    When was the last time in 30 years where the world actually had a supply disruption from the Middle East? Never.    Yet, oil prices remain above the one hundred dollar mark.    So, this is either governments in the Middle East needing more money or a behind the scenes turning of the screw.

De-Facto Line Item Veto

By postponing the Obamacare mandate after the 2014 mid-term elections, Obama has effectively failed to uphold the 2014 Obamacare mandate.    If Congress allows this, then any future President assumes line-item veto power over all legislation.   So, with Executive Orders and selective enforcement of laws, why do we need Congress again?

Cancer Cells Thrive on Processed Sugar

Scientists from the University College London in the U.K. discovered that tumors consume much more glucose than normal healthy tissues.    Many cancer tumors respond directly to insulin produced by sugar consumption.    So, if you have a sweet tooth, your dietary habits could be adding to your risk of developing cancer.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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