130716 – Corrupt Congress

Today’s Items:

Vietnam Eye’s Citizens Gold

Vietnamese citizens hold 300 to 400 tons of gold to store their wealth.    Like India, the central bank wants to convert the hoard, much of it smuggled in, into deposits to strengthen their currency – the dong.    Only problem is that private gold holdings reflect both the Vietnamese cultural values as well as the lack of confidence in the dong.

Facts Getting In The Way

Syria is one of the last remaining countries that does not owe any debt to the IMF, and that, along with Syria’s natural gas reserve, is why the U.S. wants that country wiped off the map.    It was the Russians who identified the U.S. led, Al-Qaeda backed, rebels of using sarin gas in Syria and not the government. It’s a sad day when we must look to Russia as a source of truth.

The Fed

Richard Russell says the Federal Reserve has set up America for a future disaster and we could be in the start of the final blow-off phase of the bull market in gold.     He goes on to say that while Americans have been fooling around with “cheap paper gold,” foreigners, like the Chinese and Russians, have been helping themselves to cheap bullion.    With that in mind, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Get Prepared

The U.S. Economy is still heading for a train-wreck.    The same overpaid analysts, who did not see the 2008 collapse, are putting out Rosy forecasts as economic conditions continue to disintegrate.    At some point in time, the the economic conditions will disintegrate more rapidly into an exponential free-fall.     Get prepared now before it is too late.

NRA Gun-Safety Course for First Graders

Missouri Governor Nixon signed a bill into law that encourages schools to teach an NRA-sponsored gun accident prevention course to first graders.    It’s  a great safety message for children that could possibly save their lives.    Now, we need to teach them how to spot the criminals.    Speaking of criminals…

Unpopular Congress

A June Gallop poll showed the lying criminals within Congress, at 10%, is less popular than:  North Korea, root canals, cockroaches, used car salesmen, BP during the Gulf oil spill, King George during the American Revolution and even lice.     If this keeps up, these bastards may be more unpopular than AIDs and the Bubonic Plague.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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