130702 – Horsemeat Sandwhich

Today’s Items:

Spying Ultimatum

France’s Hollande, along with other EU leaders, are telling the U.S. government to immediately stop spying.    In response, Obama has, no doubt, given the one-finger salute to the EU.    How bad is it when so-called partners in the War of err…  on Terror, are spying on each other?    In fact, it is getting so bad that the German government has summoned the U.S. Ambassador to answer for possible U.S. government crimes of bugging government offices in their country.

France Vs. Apple

French anti-trust authorities searched Apple offices, wholesalers and retailers as part of a probe into whether the computer and software maker carries out anti-competitive practice in the country.    In addition, Apple has been hit with fines for not paying taxes in that country.     Like Apple, how many other international corporations get out of paying no taxes?

Producers Going Long Silver

While the West and Japan are playing with themselves in paper, Russia and China, using Austrian economics, see what is coming.    Despite there being no substantive reason for the most recent price slide for gold and silver; other than paper manipulation, China, Russia, and India are loading up on the metal.    The difference with Russia and China is the fact that these governments are actively encouraging their people to do the same.

Fraud In Physical

LME shills are quietly contacting those demanding physical delivery of gold or silver and offering either a cash settlement or they have to wait more than 100 days for delivery.    Of course, when the gold or silver is delivered, it has completely different serial numbers.    As the fraud in the market becomes more apparent, desperation by bullion banks will increase.

10 Things Social Security Won’t Tell You

Here are a few…
1. We can barely afford to pay our bills today. Forget tomorrow.
2. If you are disabled, get ready for cuts.
3. Want a bigger check?   Go back to work.
4. Good luck reaching us if you have a problem.

The Failing FDA

A 500 page report by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council pretty much sums of what many already suspected.    The FDA is a virtually a useless agency and food and medical safety appears to be the last thing on those people’s minds.    The FDA is in dire need of a complete overhaul; and perhaps, a thorough personal financial audit of all top officials, to check for kickbacks.

USDA Approves Horsemeat

The next burger you bite into might be contain Mr. Ed.    Yes, since the price of real beef is going through the roof, the USDA is in the process of approving horse slaughterhouses to produce the Mc-Horse.   So, where do the horses come from?   From horse owners who can no longer afford them.    Of course, when hoursemeat becomes too expensive, be on the lookout for the new Mc-Dog, Mc-Cat or Mc-Rat.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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