130624 – IRS Stupidity or Complicity?

Today’s Items:

Japan’s Bail-In?

If one thinks Cyprus is too small to matter there is the matter of another small group of islands, called Japan.      It appears that Japan, with a 5 trillion dollar economy and a population of 110 million, is screwing itself into the ground with a form of Keynesian economics called Abenomics.     With the likely bail-ins, Japan is likely to get roto-screwed into the next century.

Bitcoin’s Big Bank Problem

The world’s best-known Bitcoin exchange stopped paying out customers in U.S. dollars.    The suspension comes a month after the Department of Homeland Security froze a Wells Fargo account that Mt. Gox had been using to pay U.S. funds.     Some think the government is cracking down on virtual currencies as U.S. banks are afraid of doing business with Bitcoin companies.

Another Nail

Add Great Britain to the list of nations that have set up bilateral currency swap agreements with China.    This adds one more nation to the list of nations, like
Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, and others that do not need U.S. Dollars for trade with China.

How Silver Kills Bacteria

The use of silver in medicine is as old as medicine it self, but how it works has been a mystery.     Many have wondered how silver kills bacteria…    First, silver sticks to the sulfur found in parts of proteins preventing the proteins crucial actions of folding in the correct shape.     In sticking with sulfur, it also interferes with iron not being in the locations required because of the missing sulfur.    Another reason to keep stacking.

Remote Controlled Cars

A team from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Washington conducted a study which has proven that all cars equipped with anti-lock brakes, sold in the U.S., can be hacked, via remote control, and have their brakes entirely disabled with the car in motion.     With that in mind, the CIA favors car accident deaths above all other assassination methods because the plausible deniability factor is so high.    Happy driving!

IRS Stupidity or Complicity?

So, exactly how does the scandal ridden IRS send over 46 million dollars to nearly 24000 illegal aliens at 1 Atlanta address?     Based on actions by Obama, and others, being an illegal alien in the U.S. appears to be more preferred than being a U.S. citizen right now.

Sending the Right Signal

Hillary Clinton mused aloud about the significance of America electing its first female president.     Yes, from the murders in Benghazi to the questionable suicide of Vince Foster, Hillary, as President, would send a message.   That message will likely be to keep an eye on your children because Hillary is coming.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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2 thoughts on “130624 – IRS Stupidity or Complicity?

  1. hi scott, sorry i thought this was your 10/17/13 report. please excuse my last comments. thanks.

  2. hi scott, i believe the prices you have for silver, platinum, and palladium. silver was between 21.02 to 22.31. platinum was between 1388 and 1437. palladium was between 711 and 733 as speaking. please make corrections accordingly.

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