130615 – Be Responsible To Survive

Today’s Items:

It’s a Riot!

It is looking like a summer of discontent in Europe.    For example, Swedish youths rioted for several days, torching cars and houses as police stood by and ticketed the torched cars.     From Swedish “youths” to Turkish “marauders”, the political and media establishment has misrepresented the causes and eroded what little credibility they have.

Nicaragua Canal?

The U.S. controls the Panama Canal and this is a frustrating situation for China.    So, a Chinese firm has won a multi-billion dollar contract to build a canal across Nicaragua to link the Pacific and Atlantic.     In short, get ready Panama, you got some competition coming soon.

The Coming Financial Collapse

Gerald Celente, believes that central planners are going to do everything they can to keep this economy looking strong.   And when they taper back, that is when you are going to see the real collapse start to happen because this has only been an interest rate recovery.    When interest rates rise steadily, and they will, it will hit the fan folks.    So, when that next stimulus is announced, that is when commodities may, aside from manipulation, start rising again.

Swapping Data

Thousands of technology, finance, and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies.    The communication is two-way and possibly personal data is going directly to the sales division of those companies.    So, when you are on the phone with that sales rep, with the NSA listening in of course, they may know more about you, and your family, than you think.

Student Loan Rates

According to officials at the White House, on July 1st, interest rates on many new federal student loans are set to double.    Keeping in mind the source…    On average, those students in Wyoming will see the least rise, of about 866 dollars while those living in Illinois will see the highest average increase of about 1061 dollars.

People that Won’t Survive When It Hits The Fan

We’ve seen them…    Those people that just walk out on a sidewalk with oncoming traffic without a care in the world.    Add general self-indulgence and lack of maturity, do they have a chance if their perfectly safe, idiot-proof world crumbles?    Those people that are not aware of what is going on and not willing to take responsibility for themselves are going to be hurting units.

FBI On The Case

The FBI, in investigating the IRS scandal for over a month, is doing such a great job that they have not even contacted any of the targeted Tea party groups.  Maybe, like FEMA, during a snow storm, the FBI closes during scandals.

China Citizens Buying Physical Gold

A picture is worth a thousand words and when thousands of Chinese are piled on one another just to buy gold,
that should be a clue where everyone else should be.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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