130604 – Be Happy

Today’s Items:

Cross-Border Bank Lending

According to the officials at the International Bank of Settlements, cross-border lending is falling drastically across the western world as banks slash exposure to Europe and bend to tougher capital rules.    Foreign bank loans fell by 472 billion dollars in rich countries in the fourth quarter of last year.     Volumes fell by 284 billion dollars across the euro-zone, a 20% rate of contraction.    When banks do not trust each other, the global financial collapse is not far off.

The Global Casino

Robert Fitzwilson believes that the world’s financial system is pretty much like a casino with a big difference.     Money, or gold and silver, is exchanged with chips, or fiat currency, and players are allowed to play with the currency.    Meanwhile the casino has spent the real money to keep the operation going and when it is time to exchange it back, the money is gone.

18 Signs of Global Economic Problems

Here are a few…
1. The euro-zone is in the midst of its longest recession ever.
2. Economic growth in India is the slowest in an entire decade.
3. Australia is experiencing some tremendous economic challenges.

U.S. Promotes GMO’s

Despite the fact that Japan and South Korea have halted all wheat shipments from the U.S. because of GMO’s discovered in the wheat, U.S. tax-dollars are being used to promote Monsanto’s poison err… GMO’s across the planet.    A review of 926 diplomatic cables from the U.S. State Department to 100 countries shows the U.s. promoting GMO’s to other countries.    It’s bad that Americans are being poisoned; however, it is worse when our diplomats are trying to sell this poison to other countries.   The good news is that Russia is warning Obama about protecting Monsanto and Monsanto is giving up in Europe because of the growing public backlash against them.

Schumer’s Helpful Advice

Democrat, and Republican adviser, Chuck Schumer is warning that scandals alone will not give Republicans a victory in 2014.    Well, since there is no substantial difference between the parties, does it really matter at this point?

Goggle Bans Facial Recognition

Google will not allow apps or services to perform facial recognition to be installed on Google Glass.    Of course, like the iPhone, this thing could be ‘jacked’ by government agencies.

22 Habits of Happy People

Here are a few…
1. Let go of grudges
2. Regard problems as challenges
3. Dream big
4. Don’t sweat the small stuff
5. Exercise
6. Live minimally
7. Be honest.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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  1. All this business of counter culture, that supposedly developed in
    the sixties, didn’t. “Being Here” sounded like the Stills are indicating to a story of their very own.

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