130422 – US Will Be Cyprus’ed

Today’s Items:

Fitch Cuts UK Credit Rating

Britain has now been stripped of its AAA credit rating by two rating agencies, first Moody’s and now Fitch, as a result of poor growth.     Only Standard and Poor’s has the UK on the top rating albeit on “Negative outlook”.     Needless to say the criminals at the IMF want more austerity and pain to be placed upon the UK.

U.S. To Be Cyprus’ed

Fed Governor Jeremy Stein has issued a warning about those “Too-Big-To-Fail” banks that have some 300 trillion dollars in gross unnetted liabilities.    In fact, he warns that if just one of those banks fail, the FDIC does not have the funds to cover the losses, and using Cyprus as a working model, private investors, depositors, and taxpayers will bear the losses.     At least he can’t say Americans weren’t warned when the Cypressing hammer finally falls.

Chinese Gold Exchange Importing From Switzerland

Because Hong Kong’s Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange has run out of physical gold, they now will be receiving shipments from Switzerland and London.     Gee, now I wonder if the Chinese government may have taken possession of all that gold and will take possession of any other gold shipments to Hong Kong?

The Secret World Of Gold

This multi-video documentary takes the viewer from a simple historical standpoint to the exposed shadowy underworld of gold and silver price manipulation that only a blind person, or the members of the CFTC, cannot see.      In short, the history of gold and silver is a history of war, treasure hunts, and blood; therefore, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

CISPA and The 4th Amendment

The CISPA Bill passed the House by a vote of 288 to 177.     If made into law, this would allow private sector firms to search personal and sensitive user data and share it with other firms and the U.S. government without the need for a court-ordered warrant.     So, with this information, the U.S. government can NDAA persons of interest.

U.S. Government Goons Killed Americans in Boston?

If you have not already, please watch this video; in which, a retired lieutenant Colonel describes the Boston Bombing as a false flag operation by rogue elements in the U.S. Government.

“Public Safety” Exception To Miranda

For years, stiff penalties have been imposed on the prosecution for failing to prove that the Miranda procedures were properly followed.     Immediate public safety is an understandable exception; however, someone who is has a serious gunshot wound is an immediate threat to public safety?     Grab your popcorn because this Boston show is simply changing venue, and despite efforts, may likely effect blanket amnesty for illegal, and legal, immigrants as well.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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