130417 – Fed Shorting

Today’s Items:

Global Growth Outlook

The global economy will expand 3.3% this year, less than the 3.5% forecast in January.    The Washington-based IMF sees the 17-country euro area shrinking 0.3%.     Developing economies are seen growing 5.3% this year, compared with 1.2% for their advanced counterparts.

Paper Gold Selling Exceeds Annual Mine Production!

There were over 1 million gold contracts at the COMEX sold on Friday and Monday.    This exceeds global annual gold production by 12%.    In addition, it appears that this sell-off started in America.    Now, who has big enough financial pockets to throw unlimited cash into the system?     Can you say Federal Reserve?

Bullion Shortages

As the price of gold and silver crashed, physical buyers outpaced sellers by a stunning 50 to 1.     At various times, wholesalers simply had to shut down because of both massive demand for physical and price volatility.     When the big money decides to put a good percentage of their financial assets into physical gold, there will simply not enough physical to go around and that is when the real fun will begin.

This Was a Drill?

From bomb-sniffing dogs being present, the police announcing on loud speakers that the bombings were just a training exercise, to the Boston bomb squad “magically” locating a third bomb one mile away and rigging a controlled explosion in less than an hour, this smells more like false flag operation on tax day.     Regardless of what you might think is behind this right now, the real proof will be found in what Obama, and others, call for in response to this bombing.     Now, why do I suspect a call will have something to do with a civilian national security force to hunt Patriots?

Anti-Terrorism Policies

America’s anti-terrorism policies since 9/11 have been a dismal failure.    Why?
1. Spending large amounts of money on silly programs like zombie apocalypse training.
2. While claiming to fight terrorist, the U.S. has directly been supporting Al Qaeda in Libya and other countries.
3. The U.S. governments policies are actually a recruiting tool for real terrorists.
4. Many, who support the U.S. Constitution, cannot support the U.S. Government that does not support the U.S. Constitution.


Please go to this website, that uses Google Maps, with an overlay of a variety of nuclear weapon yields, and see how you would fair with a possible nuclear strike.    Of course, if you are within a major city, the aftermath of even a minor strike would be chaotic.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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