130415 – Freedom :)

Today’s Items:

No Physical Gold For Sale

The recent smash in gold is resulting in the exponential ramp-up in physical buying.    All central planners are doing is delaying an extremely disorderly rebound in the price of gold.     Andrew Maguire notes that the 500 tons of paper gold shorting in one day is not going unnoticed by Middle-Eastern and Eastern central banks and sovereigns; thus, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

JP Morgan’s Legal Problem

Jamie Dimon says that JP Morgan will face more legal sanctions in the coming months.    In addition, he says that breaking the law is a problem at JP Morgan.    A problem?    With this organization, I thought it was a badge of honor.   All told, at least eight federal agencies are investigating the bank, including the the idiots at the FDIC, CFTC, and SEC.    Just print up a few hundred billion shares of SLV and all will be forgiven.

Civilian Militia Expands to 38 States

Well, Obama may have gotten his wish for an armed civilian counterpart to the U.S. Military; however, they are not what he expected since they exist to protect the U.S. Constitution.     This citizen militia, consisting of law enforcement, military, and civilians have banded together to protect the U.S. Constitution – a document that Obama said has deep flaws.

Global Warming Not To Blame

A new federal study reveals that global warming is not to blame for last year’s extreme drought that crippled the central Great Plains.     Changes in the jet stream may have been a factor.   Scientists have linked recent changes in the jet stream to shrinking Arctic sea ice.   Perhaps, more people should watch SuspiciousObservers’ You Tube channel for a real explanation.

How Much Water Do We Really Need?

Traditional science recommends eight ounces of water intake with a frequency of eight times per day.    The body’s need for water does not depend on pre-set guidelines.    Thirst is still the best indicator for the body’s need of water.

Get Out of Debt

Thanks to my friend Greg Mannarino, if you are in debt, you have the opportunity to download this step-by-step guide which outlines how to eliminate unsecured debt for free.

Free At Last

We can all remember where we were on that horrifying day in October 2011.    The entire law enforcement community sprang into action and terrorism could not be ruled out.    Contingency plans were drawn up; however, they were not needed since police were able to successfully arrest Eric Brown and rescue the President’s Teleprompter.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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