130412 – Fiscal Suicide

Today’s Items:

Do What Bankers Do

On both sides of the Atlantic, big banks, through the use of mainstream media lapdogs, are proclaiming that now is the time to sell your gold.    To help the price decline further, Cyprus is planning to liquidate 62%, or 523 million dollars worth, of their physical gold to cover their bailout.    So, why are central banks buying gold as if it were going out of style?    Lets put it this way, this is a case of where you should do what central banks are doing and not what they are saying.

3 Million Dollar Retirement Limit

Obama, in his 2014 budget, wants an absolute limit of 3 million dollars for a person’s retirement account. It will also force Americans into a retirement plan – even if they do not want to enroll.    Of course, this bastard, who recently purchased a 40 million dollar mansion in Hawaii, will be exempted from this law of course.

Government Per Household Spending

According to the Congressional Budget Office and the Census Bureau, net government spending, per household, which is 50,074 dollars, exceeded median household income, which is 49,445 dollars, by 629 dollars.    The last time that the net government spending, per household, was less than median household income was in 2000.   A nation whose government spends more than the average family earns is on the road to ruin and we have been on this sad road for quite some time now.


Officially, food costs have only gone up 1.6%, the lowest growth since 2010, over the last 12 months.    A simple trip to the grocery store easily disputes this piece of fiction.   Anyway, what is interesting is that people with a “healthy weight” eat 7% more pounds of food per year than obese people.    In addition, Americans take in the majority of food in fruits and vegetables, followed by dairy products.

27 Reasons to Stock Salt

Here are a few…
1. Dispose of disposal odor.
2. Keep milk fresh.
3. Cleaning greasy pans.
4. Prevent mold.
5. Clean teeth.
6. Reduce fish odor.

California Fiscal Suicide

The super geniuses at the California State Capital have one of the worst proposals of any legislature in the country this year.     A new bill would force restaurants to have each of their food items undergo an expensive risk assessment.    If this bill becomes law, thousands of small restaurants, trying to stay afloat, will close on day one.     If this bill becomes law, hundreds of thousands of people will be unemployed on day one.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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