130405 – SRI Trumps Big Ag

Today’s Items:

Bank of Japan Ramps Presses

Despite the talk, by political hack jobs, the currency war is indeed heating up.    In fact, the Bank of Japan has pumped 1.4 trillion dollars worth in Yen into their economy to help Japan’s currency race to the bottom faster.    So, Benji Bernanke, I you’re just dying to say it and the crack whores on Wall street want it…    QE5!

Silver Eagle Sales

In March, the U.S. Mint sold over 3.35 million ounces of silver, which is the second largest ever sold during the month of March.     Based on U.S. Mint sales numbers, physical gold and silver are being bought at unprecedented levels which, if the pace keeps up, will break annual records.    Physical investors will win because the physical market will ultimately determine the price when sales numbers get high enough.

Zero Balance In A Second

More and more, banks are having problems with their financial websites.     For example, many JP Morgan Chase’s suckers err…   customers had their checking account balances temporarily reduced to zero.    Question is, is it cyber attacks by foreign interests, like Russia or Germany, or trial-runs for possible false flag event?

Obama Disregards State Laws

26 states have opted against building ObamaCare exchanges; thus, placing the financial burden on ill-prepared Department of Health and Human Services.    To that end, Obama has announced his intent to disregard state laws and assume absolute control over every states’ health insurance industry.    If it walks and talks like a dictator, then Obama is a dictator.

Big Banks

A recent poll found that only 23% of Americans are opposed to breaking up the Too-Big-To-Fail banks.    In addition, 50% are in favor of directly breaking them up and more are in favor of stopping the artificial support for these banks.    Needless to say, opinions do not matter in this corporatocracy.

Organic Trumps Big Agriculture

Despite all the claims about the benefits of GMO’s, and other industrial agricultural methods, traditional growing methods continue to shine.   An organic rice farmer, in India, has produced 22 tons of organic rice only 2 acres.    By using the System of Root Intensification, or SRI, the farmer’s rice yields have surpassed the national average ten-fold.    The greatest aspect of SRI is that it is not tied to the biotechnology industry; thus, it is cheaper and better for everyone.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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