130328 – Gold and Central Banks

Today’s Items:

Gold and Central Banks

Russia is now the world’s biggest gold buyer, its central bank having added 570 tonnes over the past decade.    Central banks as a group have been net buyers for at least two years now.    In fact, in 2012, central banks have accumulated 14.8 million troy ounces. Guess, they like the gold tradition.

Hide Your Money?

As seen in Cyprus and MF Global, if your money is out of your reach and stored in any type of financial institution it has the very real possibility of being stolen.    Of course, hiding your money comes with risks; such as, it can be stolen by someone else.    Personally, it may be better to have physical assets, like gold and silver, and then safely hide them where you can get to them easily.

Keep Patients Out

The emergence of electronic medical records has left many patients wanting access to their own health information.    So, why do many doctors, according to a recent survey, want to keep patients out?    Some want personal opinions; such as, a belief that the patient is a victim of abuse, to be kept from the patient.   Of course, if both the patient and the doctor are informed, there may be less chance of medical errors.    And having less medical errors is a bad thing?

What to Expect from People When SHTF

If people can become violent over stupid things like a children’s soccer game, then when the power goes out and local law enforcement is non-existent, it will not be fun.    Forget the idea of neighbors coming together, because if it goes to hell, they will be going after the person, they believe, has the resources to keep them alive.     This is why it is important to keep a low profile and have any supplies where people will not easily get to them.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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