130318 – Artificial Demand

Today’s Items:

Fed Desperate To Avoid Collapse

The government fixes the bond price and banks fix the LIBOR rate; therefore, why would the Fed not attempt to suppress the gold price?    The Federal Reserve can print all of the dollars it needs in order to support bond prices, but printing dollars doesn’t support the dollar price.    The Fed does not have the power to print foreign currencies with which to support the dollar price.    To that end, central banks are acquiring and accumulating physical gold using their dollars, and lightening their dollar load.

Muni bonds Collapsing!

As more money races into the overbought sucker’s stock market, municipal bond prices are collapsing, driving interest rates sharply higher.   U.S. Treasury, corporate, and mortgage-backed bonds are, or will, follow a similar pattern.    As a result, most portfolios loaded with fixed instruments that are held by banks, insurance companies, or others are now suffering.

Sugar Bailout

Under the 1934 Sugar Act, the government is required to provide sugar processors with loans each year.   This year, plummeting sugar prices have put sugar companies at risk of defaulting on the 862 million dollars in loans.  To that end, the Department of Agriculture is planning to buy 400,000 tons of sugar to get prices to go up.   This fake demand for sugar will force prices of foods, made with sugar, to increase in price.

Federal Court Strikes Down FBI

The FBI has suffered a dramatic setback in its use of hyper-secret gagging orders, in the name of national security, to obtain the private data of US citizens.    A Federal judge ordered the U.S. Government to stop issuing secret “national security letters”.   The judge said it was a breach of the first amendment.

64 SHTF Medical Tips That Work

Here are a few…
1. Eggshell is the best form of calcium supplement.
2. Sniffing onions or vapor rub causes tears which washes debris from eyes.
3. White vinegar treats fungal nail infection.
4. Baking soda is an excellent antacid.

Drone Defense Technology

An Oregon company is set to sell anti-drone technology.    It will not knock drones down; however, it will stop them from completing their missions; such as, assassinating Americans on U.S. soil.

California Taxes

How bad must the financial situation be in California when ultra Obama supporter Bill Maher publicly says that the California tax system is so bad that the state could lose him?     Well, if he does move, I hope he goes to New York City.    Speaking of Obama supporters…

Things To Say To Newly Unemployed Obama Supporters

Here are a few…
1. Hey, Big Bird still has a job.    Isn’t that the important thing?
2. Still getting a thrill up your leg?
3. Cheer up! Now you qualify for a free cell phone.
4. Forward!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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