130222 – Courage Of Resistance

Today’s Items:

India Bans Gold Jewellery from Thailand

In its ever growing bid to cut down on gold imports, the Indian government’s attention has now turned to Thailand from where it has just suspended gold jewellery imports because Thailand, which has a duty free pact with India, is the likely path to get around the 20% value added tax.    When there is a will, there is a way.     Speaking of gold…

Have Courage

Precious metals are in an interim bear market on purely technical and cyclical reasons; however, there are far more fundamental reasons for precious metals to be going way up.    In short, be patient.     For more on this, watch Peter Schiff’s video on gold’s pullback.

20 Signs The U.S. Economy Is In Big Trouble

Here are a few…
1. The average gallon of gas has risen 50 cents in the past 2 months.
2. Freight shipment volumes have hit their lowest level in two years.
3. Consumer confidence in the U.S. has hit its lowest level in more than a year.
4. Cell phone sales posted their first decline since the end of the last recession.

Kerry Vs. Climate Change

Secretary John “Herman Munster” Kerry, in his first public address as Secretary of State, wants people to join him in the fight against climate change.    Here we go again….    Can you say Carbon Tax?   Anyway, if one follows SuspiciousObservers, they know that there are much larger factors affecting the climate than people.

Wal-mart Feeding Off Tax Returns

Wal-mart’s February sales were a total disaster and attributed the slowdown, due in large part, to the delay in income tax refunds.   So, based on this logic, if the government does not indirectly prop up Wal-mart, with tax returns, then the store is in big trouble.    No wonder they have tax filing companies at their stores.

How Not To Raise Revenue

Democratic Lawmakers, in the State of Washington, want to raise the tax on a gallon of gas by nearly 48 cents.    In addition, they want to charge a 25 dollar bicycle fee to help raise 10 billion dollars.   So imaginative….   I’m glad I don’t live in that state.

Women Buying Guns Surges

Despite Colorado Representative Joe Salazar’s desire that women should only be armed with a whistle as they are about to be raped, since 2010, more women are not listening to Obama or Feinstein about gun control and are buying guns at an accelerated rate.    If more people are packing, like in Kennesaw, Georgia, then the crime statistics would be lower.

10 Uses for Lemons

Here are a few…
1. Laundry brightener
2. Air freshener
3. Grease remover
4. Water enhancer

Jobless Claims

New claims for unemployment benefits rose more than expected to a seasonally adjusted 362,000.    Of course the reasons could be the East coast winter storm, new tax hikes, or even Lady Gaga collapsing on stage.    Pick one because any one of these reasons are just as believable as the next.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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