130220 – Last In Life Expectancy

Today’s Items:

Sterling At Risk

With a 4.5% decline this year, the Sterling trails only Japan’s yen as the worst performer against a basket of international currencies.    Officials at UBS warned that the Pound seems clearly at risk of following the yen and “suffering the next large-scale devaluation.”    The Bank of England has signaled it is willing to tolerate higher inflation; however, I do not believe they speak for the population.

Cost of Financial Crisis

According to the GAO, since 2008, the Financial Crisis has cost to the U.S. economy about 22 trillion dollars.    Bernanke can easily print that in a few keystrokes folks and then the problem is solved.   Right Benji?

Central Planners Losing Control?

James Turk believes, after going through the basics, that currencies are being mismanaged and gold and silver are the best protections against the erosion of the purchasing power of national currencies.    He goes on to say that last weeks smacks of desperation by the central planners who are losing control in so many areas.

Less Work Hours

The penalty, under Obamacare, for not providing coverage is 2,000 dollars for a worker that works more than 30 hours a week.  To this end, many business owners, with more than 50 employees, are considering cutting working hours to avoid paying the massive fines.   At least Americans have the highest life expectancy.

Last In Life Expectancy

A report recently revealed that the U.S. has the lowest life expectancy rate among developed nations while the U.S. spends up to 250% more on healthcare than most other developed nations.   Just wait til those Obamacare death panels ramp up into high gear.

To Big To Go To Jail

The question was simple.   “When was the last time a Wall Street Bank was taken to trial?”    None of the apparently paid-off inept stooges, who are the federal bank regulators, could answer that very simple question.    They dodged and squirmed the question in virtually every way except to declare the fifth.    If these stooges do not know the difference between breaking the law and correcting the deficiencies, then they need to be prosecuted for aiding in crimes by the banks they, laughingly, oversee.

Cops To Inspect Gun Owner’s Homes?

After being called out for an Orwellian bill that would require yearly home inspections of gun owners by police, a Washington state Senator claims he never read the bill he sponsored.    This incremental step is proof that gun-control freaks ultimately want police to go door to door and take guns away.

10 Unconventional Additions To An Emergency Kit

Here are a few…
1. Duct tape.
2. Sanitary pads and various small plastic bags to help seal wounds.
3. Tea bags because of the tannin within the tea leaves.
4. Vapor Rub for when you run into those smelly zombies.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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One thought on “130220 – Last In Life Expectancy

  1. Another point worth making is that people die for other reasons than health. For example, people die because of car accidents and violent crime. A few years back, Robert Ohsfeldt of Texas A&M and John Schneider of the University of Iowa asked the obvious question : what happens if you remove deaths from fatal injuries from the life expectancy tables? Among the 29 members of the OECD, the U.S. vaults from 19th place to…you guessed it…first. Japan, on the same adjustment, drops from first to ninth.

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