130216 – People Sending A Message

Today’s Items:

Germany and Spain and Green Energy

Germany and Spain became the undisputed leaders in the race for a green future in the EU; however, lack of profit, capital self-sustainability and constant governmental subsidies are making leaders rethink the idea.    Of course, green supporters still have Obama has their poster bastard err..  child.

Another Day, Another Gold And Silver Slam Down

Yes folks, the paper manipulation has become so obvious that the daily paper take-downs are just so funny.    I really hope they continue to lay on the paper and force gold and silver prices down a lot more; so that, I can get more physical.   At this point, I do not care if gold and silver go down to 500 and 10 dollars, an ounce, respectively because it means more physical for me.   The paper games are only covering up for the real underlying global financial mess.

Things Are Falling Apart

Here are a few reasons why things are financially falling apart…
1. Crony capitalism and the elimination of accountability.
2. Diminishing returns.
3. Centralization.
4. Technological, financial and demographic changes in our economy.

Stop Being So Negative

You folks have got to read this hilarious version of the unforgettable Carnival Cruise experience.    It gives a positive spin to all of the negative experiences aboard that stricken ship…    For example, the lack of food on the ship was a “surprise weight loss experience” designed to reverse the 10-15 pounds customers usually gain on a cruise.    Think of it as a normal White House Press briefing.

FAA Clearing Way for Drones

The FAA has made solicited proposals to create six drone test sites across the U.S. in a major step to opening the skis to drones.    Although the FAA posted an online draft plan for protecting people’s privacy from drones in the sky, does anyone seriously believe that any of the domestic alphabet agencies will abide by it?    In addition, although these drones will be currently unarmed, only an idiotic fool would believe they will remain unarmed.    A simple Presidential Executive Order could change that policy in seconds.    Still, all they need now is an automated system to fly the drones.    I think SkyNet would be a good name.     What could possibly go wrong?

Guns And Ammo Production Maxed Out

Over 65 million guns have been purchased since Obama took office as Americans legally purchase a gun every 1.5 seconds.    Many, who have exercised their Second Amendment protections, are first time buyers concerned with the growing possibility of a Federal and/or state gun confiscation.     With over 300 million fully loaded firearms in America in the hands of private citizens, the people are sending a loud and clear message to their government and it is not what the frauds in the media are putting out.    Unfortunately, those currently in the government will never ever listen because they absolutely believe they are so much better than the people.   Right Obama, Holder, and Feinstein?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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