130125 – Forced Debt Creation?

Today’s Items:

SEC Bans Ratings Agency

Members of the SEC, taking a break from viewing porn, have silenced the only ratings agency that consistently told the truth.     The Egan-Jones Ratings Company has agreed to be barred for 18 months from rating asset-backed and government securities issuers.     It appears that S&P may also be on thin ice since the 2011 U.S. downgrade while Moodys and Fitch appear to be a couple of U.S. paid whores.

Grab that Pencil and Paper

Lindsey Williams said if the elite have their way…
1. they do not want another American revolution or major unrest… Yet!
2. there will not be a financial collapse for another 2 to 3 years.
3. they want forced debt creation on Americans.    Think Obamacare, taxes, and inflation here folks.
For the rest about the impact of Obamacare and a potential black market medical profession, listen to the 48 minute interview.

The Gold Bugs Support Buying Silver

With the endless stream of juvenile scare-tactics by bankers and the media, those investors who favor gold and silver as their preferred asset-class have ‘thick skins’.     What is interesting is that now gold bugs, viewed as zealots, state that silver, is the asset with the most upward potential.   And when the Royal Canadian Mint is following the US Treasury in rationing silver coins, things look very good for those who are holding physical.

Multiple Vaccine Doses

According to the governments Adverse Events Reporting System, multiple vaccine doses have resulted in up to 145,000 child deaths in the past 20 years.     The overall size of the vaccine load was found to be directly associated with hospitalization and death risk, illustrating the incredible dangers of administering multiple vaccines at once.

Missouri Bill Could Force Parents to Register Firearms

A new bill in the Missouri State Senate would require parents to notify their child’s school if they own a firearm.     Not reporting the acquisition of a new gun to your child’s school would become a criminal offense.     Will they also take the children away from those parents as well?     So, it looks like Missouri has also become the latest state to go off the deep end.

New Glasses

New privacy products are being developed to fight back against Big Brother, and they involve glasses that thwart facial recognition scanners.     So, the glasses along with the drone evading hoodies should make you almost invisible.

Global Stocks

By now, there is much talk about Apple’s massive correction; however, global stocks may be in some real trouble in the very near future as well.   The stock market may not sell-off immediately but the likelihood that shares will be lower in 2 to 3 months has increased substantially.    Remember, stocks and other paper instruments can go to zero in real value, while physical gold and silver will not.    Besides, like rehypoticated gold, unless you are in physical possession of that stock certificate, you may not actually own that stock.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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