Gun Running From Libya To Turkey?

News Flash:

Largely unreported by the U.S. media, was a question, by Senator Rand Paul, about possible gun-running as a motive for the attacks on the mission, at Benghazi, on September 11th of last year, that resulted in 4 preventable deaths.     Hillary stated she did not have any information on that information, even though it has been in the media for quite some time.     Which is not a surprising answer since she she also claims that she knew nothing of the requests for the upgrade of security as well.

During the Libyan revolution against Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, the U.S. admitted to directly arming the rebel groups.    You know, the rebel groups that are openly members of terrorist organizations, including al-Qaida.

This is obviously becoming an instance of unforeseen circumstances of Obama’s hidden, and unconstitutional, agenda blowing up publicly in his face and Hillary is the “Fall-Gal”.   You know…   Obama will lie as people die.


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