130118 – Currencies Being Destroyed

Today’s Items:

Global ‘Currency War’

Faced with a stubbornly slow and uneven global economic recovery, more and more countries, to gain a competitive edge, have resorted to cutting the value of their currencies.    The Fed’s QE to other money stimuli by other central banks is heating up.    As central banks expand their balance sheets, history shows that unwinding those balance sheets on a global scale are not in an orderly manner.    In short, currency wars lead to real wars.

7 Years To Deliver? Give Me a Break!

It will take the Fed seven years to procure Germany’s 300 tons of gold.    So, if a ton of gold occupies the space of a cube with a side of about 1.3 feet, then 300 tons would be a cube with a side of about 8.7 feet.    Sounds like they could easily deliver the gold within a few weeks by ship.    Unless of course, the gold bars floated out to sea when Sandy hit?    What more evidence does one need that the Fed does not have the 300 tons of German gold or some 6720 tons of gold in its vault?

Realizing The Money Is Being Destroyed

Robert Fitzwilson believes that when the masses finally realize that their money is being overtly destroyed in front of their eyes, there will be a panic.    “Full faith and credit” has been good enough for most people; however, with money printing and a debate over the debt ceiling, many smart investors are already making the conversion from paper to real assets; such as gold and silver.     The powerful know that we are heading toward a very uncertain transition to a new financial world order.    While nobody knows what that will look like in final form, they know it always is underpinned with gold and silver.

Business CEOs Call for Raising Retirement Age

An influential group of business CEOs is pushing a plan to gradually increase the full retirement age to 70 for both Social Security and Medicare.    With the US financial situation a complete mess, we’ve all known this was coming.    Many will be forced to work until they fall over dead in their chairs, assembly line, or in the deep fryer.

Preppers Should Not Be Overconfident

In a crisis scenario, remember the following…
1. Never underestimate your opponents.
2. Never match a pistol, no matter how good it is, against any working rifle in a potential gun fight.
3. Practice with your fire arms to be able to use it instinctively.
4. Just keep low, unless you have no other choice.

50 Questions To Ask Anyone That Is Not A Prepper

Here are a few…
1. Why is China systematically hoarding gold?
2. Why does Obama want doctors to ask their patients questions about firearms?
3. Why is there a severe nationwide ammunition shortage all of a sudden?
4. Why is the UN trying to take control of the Internet?
5. Why have global food supplies sunk to their lowest level in nearly 40 years?

Obama Joins History’s Tyrants In Using Children

Obama has joined company with Castro, Hitler, Mao, and Stalin in using children to draw sympathy before the nightmare was revealed to the world.     Get ready, because it is likely that the other shoe will sadly drop and people will say “It should never have happened.”

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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