130116 – Bernanke Stupidity

Today’s Items:

Despite Sanctions, Iran’s Economy Limps Along

Despite the inflation and trouble, the sanctions on Iran may ultimately backfire on the Obama led international gangsters.     Because Iran produces a commodity that the world needs and they are demanding gold and not US funny money, their economy, as bad as it is, is still going.    In fact, with more nations on the so-called exempted list to do trade with Iran, Iran may be the beacon to other nations to drop the US Dollar all together.

Bundesbank To Commence Repatriating Gold From New York Fed

We are actually beginning to see the trust between Central Banks come to an end with the continued repatriating of gold.     The historical reasons for storing gold with a foreign partner central bank was to ensure better trade and safety of a nations reserves.     Now, with the gold that is supposedly held by the New York Fed finally being called into question, this move by the Bundesbank may be another straw added to the camel’s back.     Guess it is a good thing the Fed ordered that 100 gallons of gold paint!

Get Rid of the Debt Ceiling

Benji Bernanke, showing his complete stupidity when it comes to simple finance, is actually criticizing the debt ceiling as an unusual device that has no practical value.    Any family budget should recognize that there is a limit to spending; however, this apparently is far beyond the mental capacity of Benji.    Perhaps, the Fed is the unusual device that has no practical value.    This, and other reasons, may be why Fitch has issued another rating warning for the US.

Not So Famous Preparedness Sites

Please go to this website and take a look at some not-so-famous preparedness websites.     It always helps to think outside the box folks.

New York Times Shuts Environmental Desk

A tragedy of unparalleled proportions has befallen the environment. How will we ever get more biased fictional stories about man-made global warming? Oh wait, we still have Obama and his gang of likely criminals at the EPA.

Gun Control Announcement

Today, hiding behind children, Obama will announce his gun control orders; however, he realizes that there are limits to his 19 executive orders as per existing law; thus, Obama will not be able to grab your guns just yet.    The short of it is, keep vigilant and remember, this battle is far from over.

States and Towns Take Action

Using the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution, towns like Gilbertson, Pennsylvania, and states, like Wyoming, are in the process of nullifying any unconstitutional Presidential executive order or Congressional Action to violate the 2nd Amendment.    So, while the majority of Americans will oppose Obama and his unconstitutional Stalinist-like policies on gun control, Obama can at least relish in the fact that the executives at Walmart, who apparently have suspended new ammo orders, will cower before him.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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