130110 – Vaccines Are A Hoax

Today’s Items:

20 Facts About The Collapse Of Europe

Here are a few…
1. Manufacturing activity in both France and Germany has contracted for 10 months in a row.
2. 22% of the entire population of Ireland lives in jobless households.
3. The unemployment rate for workers under the age of 25 in Spain and Greece are at an all-time high.
4. The debt to GDP ratio in Greece is rapidly approaching 200%.

UBS Cleaning Up Its Act?

UBS is trying to distance itself from the LIBOR scandal that has resulted in costly civil suits and its reputation. The bank was fined a mere 1.5 billion dollars, after obviously making far more over with their crimes the years.    While the executives try to claim progress has been made, 18 traders and managers could not have committed this crime alone.    Every major executive at the bank should be behind bars right now because any cleaning of the so-called reputation is more like sweeping the crap under the carpet.

Wealth Destruction

Robert Fitzwilson believes this wealth destruction cycle will be uniquely different from the 70s.    This is because the dollar was the absolute reserve currency of the world back then.    Today, more and more bilateral agreements are making the dollar less needed.    He goes on to say that with growing currency wars, the race to the bottom is accelerating.    While nobody can foresee the specifics as to how this plays out, it will no doubt end with a new currency.

America’s PhD’s On Food-stamps

Over the past few years, more and more highly educated people have turned to food stamps and other forms of welfare for help.    In fact, over 33,000 PhD’s received food stamps in 2010 while more than 5,000 PhD’s are janitors.    So, for many, it is going from the front of the graduating class to the back of the unemployment line.

Widespread Flu Epidemic Hysteria Grips America

41 States have been hit, so far, with an influenza season that has arrived earlier than normal.    In many cases, people who got the flu shot are the ones getting the flu.    Officials from the CDC state that the dominant flu being reported is included in the vaccinations.   Bullshit!    What these officials at the CDC are not saying, according to a new UK government document released, is that vaccines are a total hoax!

Gun Stops Home Intruder

Protecting her two children, a mother in Atlanta shot a man six times who forcibly broke into her home.    Although he was able to get to his car and drive off, he was quickly caught and he survived the gun wounds after medical attention.     Another story of a woman with more courage and honor than Andrew Cuomo who wants to ban guns in New York.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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