130109 – Lies From The Elite

Today’s Items:

Earnings Season Kicks Off

Well, now that the Christmas shopping season has ended and some stores are already showing Valentine merchandise, how did business do?    Don’t be surprised to see a fair share of disappointments from the private business sector.   Despite any propaganda out there otherwise, many CEOs and managers of businesses today are still in lock-down mode.    A good piece of news is that many economies are looking inward rather than embracing globalization.

Indian Government to Hike Gold Import Tariffs – Again

According to estimates, there are around 25,000 tonnes of privately held gold in India and it continues to get higher.     In a desperate attempt to stem the tide of gold from entering India, instead of the world’s central banks, the Indian government had raised import duties on gold from 1% to 4% last year.    This week, there are new plans to raise it to 6%.   There is even talk of forcing private and religious holders of gold to lend portions of their stash of gold to stimulate the Indian economy.

Panic Buying Into Gold and Silver

Michael Pento believes that when a government tries to create demand by disseminating money that is printed by a central bank; all you get is a falling currency, faltering GDP, soaring debt levels and inflation.    As the world loses faith in the developed world’s sovereign debt, lies, and currencies that back it, there will be a massive move into gold and silver.

Totalitarian Society

Here are a few examples showing that America is no longer free…
1. In New Jersey, it is illegal to have an “unrestrained” cat or dog in your vehicle while you are driving.
2. In Oregon, it is illegal to collect rainwater that falls on your own property.
3. In many areas, it is illegal to feed the homeless.
This is the America that Michelle Obama is apparently proud of.

Global Warming, the Tool of the West

Here we go again…     Pravda doing more of the investigative journalism that the dinosaur media should have done.    This time, they attack the bogus concept of man made global warming.     The premise of the article is the re-emergence of the man-made agenda is a desperate attempt, by the western elite, to retain control over the people who are waking up to their fraud.    Expect the lies err… cries to get louder and more shrill in the months to follow.

Emergency Funding of Government

I was thinking about the debt limit circus about to unfold and something interesting came to mind.    What if there are calls to take the excess money, from tax returns, and put it in the Social Security lock-box?     Politicians could just lie and claim that they will increase Social Security payouts later and it is for the so-called greater good.    In short, if you are expecting a tax return for 2012, do not pre-spend that tax return because you may not see that money.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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