Texas Gives Public Full-Body Cavity Searches

News Flash:

Two women, stopped for a routine traffic violation in Texas, were subjected to public road-side FULL body cavity searches by officer Kellie Helleson.   In addition, the two women claim that the officer used the same rubber glove on both the women.    The stop was apparently for throwing a cigarette butt out the window; however, the officer was more interested in marijuana that did not exist.

When a formal complaint was filed, using the police video of the assault, as evidence, the Texas Rangers apparently saw nothing wrong with the public cavity search because they have failed to do anything about it.    So, the question is, along with the officer, who at the Texas Rangers should possibly now be charged with aiding and abetting a sexual assault?   There certainly was no warrant involved.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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2 thoughts on “Texas Gives Public Full-Body Cavity Searches

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  2. I stopped in Texas by one of their State Troopers… he held me by the side of the road for 45 minutes refusing to believe I was not drunk since my eyes were bloodshot ( I have an allergy condition that makes my eyes red virtually all the time and also I had been driving west into the sun all day.. finally he decided maybe I wasn’t drunk and gave us a ticket for being only 7 miles over the limit of 70mph. They in texas are so poor that they target out of state licenses because they know you can’t afford to come back to texas to fight the ticket in court. Stay away from poor texas , thats how they get REVENUE !

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