121218 – Society Is Crumbling

Today’s Items:

The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion

The “fiscal cliff” is another hoax designed to shift the attention from huge problems to small ones.    The “fiscal cliff” is nothing more than self-imposed austerity and is nothing compared to the Derivatives tsunami, bond market, and dollar market bubbles that could implode at any time.    After all, what is 1.3 trillion dollars compared to the 227 trillion dollar US derivative exposure held by the four biggest US banks?    When those go, the “fiscal cliff” will look more like golf ball hole.

A Historic Collapse Of The Financial System

Robert Fitzwilson believes that currencies, countries, and institutions that should have failed by now are being supported by the unlimited printing of money.    Budgets, debts ceilings, and fiscal cliffs are meaningless and nothing is resolved.    There is a historic race going on for access to and control of oil and precious metals.    Oil is needed to have a functioning economy; however, precious metals are needed to reestablish a believable monetary system.    With that said, after preparing, keep stacking physical.    This is because the US Government is, in the form of theft of gold from both Libya and Afghanistan.

New Retirement Model

Many older Americans simply do not have enough money to retire.    The idea of a secure job, a paid off house, and the ability to send children off to a good college was, in essence, an illusion.    Today, Americans are now entering retirement at a time when the stock market has given zero returns over a decade.    Government debt is tipping over and we continually spend more than we earn.    For millions of older Americans, retirement means continuing to work.     Despite price fluctuation, it appears that many would have been much better off if they regularly bought physical gold for the past 20 years.

Society Is Crumbling

In response to the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, many are suggesting that much stricter gun laws are the obvious solution.    Cities that have implemented strict gun control laws should be the safest cities; however, they are not.    Chicago has very strict gun laws; however, 10 people were shot in the city on Friday alone.    In addition, 2000 children are murdered in the US everyday.    So if gun control becomes reality, who is going to protect the American people from their government that has been caught red-handed arming Mexican drug cartels and Al Qaeda terrorists?    The fact that China wants US gun control should be a big red warning on those who propose gun control.

Do Not Shrug off December 21st

Okay, the world will not end on December 21st; however, there are a lot of crazy people out there and you might want to do the following.
1. Stay sober.
2. Pull out some cash in small denominations.
3. Gas up your vehicle and conduct a maintenance check.
4. Plan a light day.
5. Stay informed with local news.
6. Stay positive.
7. Try on that tin-foil hat.   Slap!  🙂

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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