121025 – Get Out of Big Banks

Today’s Items:

Syria Rebels Have US-Made Weapons

A senior Russian general states that the mercenaries err… rebels have been supplied with anti-aircraft weapons, including US-made Stingers.    It will be a little hard for the Department of Injustice to blame this on gun dealers; as they tried to do when Operation Fast-and-Furious went south.    The question is; although it does not take any stretch of imagination to figure out, where did they get those weapons?   So, let’s hear another Obama lie on the matter.

Obama Lied Again!

Emails confirm that officials at the White House were told of the militant claim two hours after the Libya attack.   It was not the You Tube video that Obama, and others in his administration, tried to lay blame on.    As time goes on, the White House story is unraveling like a cheap sweater.    At this point in this pathetic lie, one can easily say that Obama lied while people died.

People Are Getting Scared And Liquidating

Stephen Leeb says that people are getting scared and they are liquidating, or running for cover.   Because of paper trading, even gold and silver are down, which will add to a buying opportunity.   When it comes to gold, he goes on to say that China’s purchases of gold are up three-fold year over year and other central banks are scooping it up as well.   This is because when it is discovered that Germany cannot repatriate their gold in a timely manner, people will finally believe there is a shortage and that paper means nothing; therefore, after preparing, keep stacking.

New Home Sales Highest Since April 2010

New Home Sales were 389,000 in the month of September; however, this number is based on a September unadjusted number of 31,000 in actual sales.  Oops!    If you are thinking this sounds like the bogus BLS report a couple of weeks ago, you may be right.   In fact, the Census Bureau took the sale of 11,000 actual new completed homes and extrapolated an annualized, seasonally adjusted number of 389,000. In short, the facts coming out of Washington are anything but facts.

Federal Prosecutors Sue Bank of America

Well, it appears that $15 million donation err… loan by Bank of America to the Obama campaign just was not enough because federal prosecutors are accusing the criminal enterprise, known as Bank of America, of carrying out a mortgage scheme that defrauded the government during the depths of the financial crisis.   Defrauded the government?   How about the people who lost everything?   So, how will Bank of America try to raise capital for their defense?

The Worst Fees Charged by Big Banks

Here are some reasons to get your money out of big banks…
1. The 30-34 dollar overdraft penalties.
2. The 2-3 dollar statement fee.
3. The 50 cent remote deposit fee.
4. The 15-20 dollar wire transfer fee.
5. Teller fees if you talk to a person at the bank.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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