CNN: Obama is Disabled? LOL!

News Flash:

Understanding that both Obama and Romney are inadequate for the position of President, the idiocy involved around the second Presidential debate has just gone into fantasy land.  Either that, or some believe the American people are too stupid to realize what happened.

CNN network managers, via an email to their staff, claim that Candy Crowley, the biased moderator at the second Presidential debate, only gave Obama more time because he speaks more slowly.    So, by this claim, Obama was handicapped and Candy Crowley simply was implementing Affirmative Action; so that, both candidates had an equal chance to win the debate.    Does this affirmative action excuse also explain why Candy interrupted Romney 28 times as opposed to the 9 times for Obama?

In short, a high profile personality in the mainstream media has been caught red-handed (inexcusable bias) and the establishment will lie to protect its own at any cost.


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