Shut Up Candy Crowley

News Flash:

Even though the election in November will ultimately be pointless with a puppet being selected for the Presidency, it is interesting to watch the stupidity involved with the election process.

The Commission on Presidential Debates does not want Candy Crowley, the second presidential debate moderator, to reinterpret audience members’ questions for the “Town Hall” debate.    Candy Crowley claims she wants a chance to put her own spin on things when it comes to the questions being asked.     In a rare example of unity, both the Romney and Obama campaigns agree that nobody wants that going on.     With that said, the Commission, under pressure, is finally compelled to tell her to shut up about making the debate about her.   So, will the the Commission pull her before the debate because of these revelations?    Hell no, that would be too ethical at this point.

Make no mistake, once the debate gets started and it is live, there in nothing to stop her from making up her own rules, as she sees fit, as the evening goes along.    She may even decide throw out the audience questions all-together and use the opportunity to openly attack one of the candidates.   Would she do that?    Even though it would be unprofessional, the answer is that it is possible…   Especially, when one considers that the network she is on is going down in  viewership.


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One thought on “Shut Up Candy Crowley

  1. Candy Crowley is blowing the moderation. She has done a piss poor job in her performance. It is about allowing the time for THE PEOPLE TO SPEAK. This is a disgrace to call this a town hall. CALL IT CANDY TOWN.

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