121011 – Central Banks Buying Stocks

Today’s Items:

IMF Sees Global Slump

The thieves and liars at the International Monetary Fund are urging European puppets err… policymakers to deepen ties to the fiscal anchor, or the euro, as they project the world economy only growing 3.3% this year.    This is the slowest since 2009 and these hoodlums are saying that there could be a steeper slowdown.   In fact, the IMF may even be recommending capital controls for Spain because it is all but dead.   This is evident by the fact that Spain has been down graded to BBB-, or to one level above junk by S&P.

Why Are Indians Suddenly Buying Diamonds?

Known for buying gold, Indians are now suddenly buying diamonds.    One possible main reason is that price of gold has made gold go beyond the reach for many Indians.    With that said, if one thinks that there is gold price manipulation, that is nothing compared to the manipulation on the price of diamonds.

Central Banks Dumping Bonds For Stocks

Because of horrible returns and negative yields available from top-rated sovereign bonds, Central Banks around the world are buying stocks.    At $10.5 trillion, stocks may still be only a fraction of overall foreign exchange reserves, but they are growing.    So, when a massive market crash comes, central banks may count, as part of their assets, Facebook stock.

Food Unrest

The term ‘food unrest’ reflects the imbalance between the supply of food and demand for food globally. A growing population and dwindling food supplies due to drought or ethanol production is causing this to become worse.     It’s just another inconvenient truth.   The situation is getting so bad that millions of families in the world plan food-less days.   Meanwhile, Americans are having an obesity problem and those in the UK are being introduced to candy bars with GPS tracking devices.

Is This The End of The Petro-dollar?

Without going into the history of the petro-dollar and how it has allowed U.S. Dollar to stay as the world’s reserve currency, China, with huge amounts of physical gold, massive use of oil, and an economy that is still growing faster than the US’s, has 11 bilateral currency-swap agreements that do not include the dollar.    Saudi Arabia, the protector of the petro-dollar for 38 years, is now partnered with China to build a gigantic new oil refinery to be operational in 2014.    In short, good-bye Petro-dollar!

Good Questions That The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking

Here are a few…
1. Why is Switzerland preparing for “major civil unrest” throughout Europe?
2. Is Turkey about to drag the rest of NATO, and the US, into a war with Syria?
3. Will the U.S. dollar soon lose its status as the primary reserve currency of the world?
4. Why is the UN pushing to have the authority to impose “global taxes” on all of us?
Will they ask?     Hell No!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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