Obama: Libya Lies or Impeachment?

News Flash:

Weeks after the September 11th attack, where Obama, being the coward he is, lied to the world at the UN where he wrongfully blamed an American Citizen’s video for the massive coordinated attacks on the Anniversary of 911, we are getting a more clear picture.  Needless to say, the picture being formed is one of cowardice, lies, not taking responsibility.  Obama will be remembered, by historians, as the President who refused to take personal responsibility when it came to issues of National Security.

We are finding out that there were multiple pleas, before the attack, for additional security – which was rejected by the State Department, under Hillary Clinton.    In fact, within 6 months of the attack, 34 security people were removed from the embassy in Libya.    Now, Obama, playing golf, may have an excuse, albeit an inexcusable one, for not knowing the truth because Obama  missed multiple crucial security briefings leading up to the attack.    If this is the case, Obama simply was not doing his job and that is an impeachable offense in of itself.   In short, Obama has repeatedly lied after people died or Obama needs to be impeached for being AWOL from his sworn duty as POTUS.  Pick one.

Source: http://keyetv.com

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