121005 – War for Natural Resouces

Today’s Items:

Pretext to Wage War on Syria

Syria, in an 18-month-old civil war, starts lobbing artillery shells into Turkey?   If one seriously believes that the Syrian government is attacking a NATO country, then they need to stop drinking the Kool-aid.    Seriously, one would have to be brain dead not to see the what is really happening  in Syria.    To make a long story short, the strategic war for natural resources, like oil, to back up currencies, like the dollar, wages on.

Europe-wide Ban on GM Corn

In some good news, for Europeans, after a French study linked Mosanto GM Corn to cancer, a Europe-wide ban on both the cultivation and import of the GM corn is being urged.    The French study is unique because it was tested over a two year period which is a longer period than most studies of this kind.    Needless to say, all GM foods need to be banned until proper, unbiased, long-term testing can be done.

Fed Shooting Blanks

The Fed’s QE Infinity program has had limited effect on markets and the economy so far.   Stocks have been relatively flat  since the announcement and there is talk of the next round of money printing before the end of 2012.    Of course, QE3 was not designed to really help the economy, but to take over bank owned mortgages instead.    Owning so much property will allow the Fed to, someday, back the Dollar with land – since there is no gold to back it up.

The Availability Of Physical Gold Will Disappear

Despite gold having relatively sideways price actions, due to paper manipulation, Central Banks and the wealthy are scooping up gold by the ton because they know the dollar’s days, as printing continues, are numbered.    At some point, the ability for people to easily obtain gold will be over.    Silver, for industrial reasons, has the same future; therefore, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

CNN Takes Money from Foreign Dictators

Well, it should not be surprising that CNN is paid to give foreign dictators favorable coverage.    Just think of CNN’s Iraqi cover-up and that should allow one to put the pieces together.   Of course, if one believes that CNN is the only one paid off, then stop drinking the Kool-aid.    Couple that with the fact that many mainstream media stories are scripted by the White House and one can only conclude: Propaganda.    Is it any wonder that the US main stream media may be the best paid-off, non-informative, non-news, propaganda outlet in the world?

California Gas Crisis

Gas prices, after problems at California refineries, have gone up as much as 73 cents.    There are 144 operable petroleum refineries in the US and the newest refinery began operating in 1977.    That is 35 years of renovations and improvements!     Or, put it another way, even with adequate upkeep, would you want to still be driving a 1977 car, on a daily basis, today?   Perhaps, the closing gas stations may help people understand what is really going on.

A Proud TSA Moment

A TSA agent pleaded guilty for stealing $520 from a man who complained about the TSA’s invasive pat down procedure.    The TSA agent stated the theft was a punishment for the man’s lack of obedience.    Another proud moment for the SS err…   TSA.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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