120927 – Nations Race To Gold

Today’s Items:

Nations Race To Gold

South Korean gold reserves rose a sharp 16 tonnes for a 30% increase in total gold reserves. North Korea has exported more than 2 tons to gold hungry China.    Paraguay became the latest central bank to begin diversifying into gold.     Nations bought 254.2 tons in the first half of 2012 and may add close to 500 tons for the year as a whole.

Germany to Act Against High-Speed Trades

Germany intends to be one of the first countries to try to put the brakes on high-frequency trading.    This practice has been, wrongfully, blamed for the rattling of financial markets across the globe.   If an investigation of who programmed these trades into these computers is done, then the real financial terrorists will be clearly identified.

Gold Shorts To Panic As $1900 Key Level is Breached

John Hathaway would not be surprised if we see gold and silver track sideways for a while; however, once gold takes out the $1900 mark, gold may no longer creep, but skyrocket up further.    Of course, the news that 39% of gold mining in South Africa is offline is definitely a bullish indicator for gold.   The nice thing is that silver will not be far behind.

JP Morgan Shorting Paper As They Acquire Physical?

As the end game is being played out, JP Morgan could be letting the paper fly as they grab the physical.    In fact, both silver and gold are being hoarded by the bullion banks.    Although, there is nowhere enough physical to cover the paper, there is enough, in a massive global meltdown crisis, to make the initial apparent deliveries of physical before it becomes too dangerous and cost prohibitive, to the customer, for the actual physical delivery.   In short, JP Morgan may only have to put forth the illusion that they can service physical delivery in a crisis situation.

Examples of Why America Is No Longer a Free Country

Here are a few…
1. The FBI has informed businesses that people, who use cash to pay for a cup of coffee, ar potential terrorists.
2. The TSA has expanded its perverted groping outside of airports to high school proms.
3. The EPA is using spy drones to monitor farms

Best States for Voice in Education

Using criteria; such as school choice, teacher quality, and transparency, the Parent Power Index has named these states as the best for parents to have a voice in education…    Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, District of Columbia, Arizona, Ohio, Florida, and Indiana tops the list.    Personally, I was surprised by some of these states being in this list.

Survival Skills Your Child Should Know

Here are a few…
1. Make a fire and know fire safety.
2. How to clean fish and wild game.
3. How to read a map and use a compass.
I bet there are a lot of adults that do not know these three alone.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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