120921 – Edge of Fascism

Today’s Items:

Obama Ready to Sign Surveillance Grid Executive Order

Janet Incompetano told a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that a blatantly unconstitutional executive order is close to completion.   Instead of protecting Americans, Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order will allow the NSA and the Department of Homeland Insecurity to extend their surveillance capability.    There you have it, unlimited surveillance, the NDAA, the TSA, and 1.6 billion bullets and we sadly have the SS in place folks.

We’re Witnessing A Historic & Frightening End Game

John Embry, as with many others, believe we are in the early stages of a global ‘Weimar’ event.    Central banks, like the FED, are printing above and below the table and that there is so much currency, that it is simply both mind boggling and mind bottling.    The US, Europe, Japan, and even China are in big trouble as the global economy is far weaker than anybody will acknowledge at this point.    So, despite the paper manipulations, this is remarkably bullish for physical gold and silver.    No wonder, there is historic suppression of both gold and silver taking place.    With that said, after preparing, keep stacking physical and ignore the paper market noise.

Obama Lying and Terror Machine

While repeatedly lying to the American people using a sycophant media, the Obama administration has clearly has been on an active campaign of murder and terror abroad.    We have the U.S. Ambassador to the UN lying on TV stating the attacks were spontaneous when multiple sources show otherwise.    We have the US secretly arming Al-Qaeda in Libya and other nations as innocent people are killed.    We have Obama paling around with the Muslim Brotherhood when they have violently sworn to destroy the US.    Closer to home, we have people dying on the Mexican border thanks to guns provided by the Obama Administration.    Oh, lets not forget the National Defense Authorization Act and 1.6 Billion bullets.

More Americans Than Forecast Filed Jobless Claims

Here we go again…   At a number of 385,000, more Americans “Unexpectedly” filed for unemployment benefits than was forecast.     Also, another 60,700 dropped off the job cliff as their emergency and extended payments ended.    I can see it now…    The Labor department will blame the recent Mid-East violence for the increase in unemployment claims because of employer’s perceived mistrust of their employees.

Hard Unemployment Truths

While it is easy to blame politicians and bankers for the unemployment problem in the US.    Sadly, for many, the problems lie, not within the stars, but within themselves.    Employers are having a more difficult time finding people who can simply pass a drug test, read and write, have a work ethic and sense of professionalism, or even show up for work.

Monsanto’s GMO Food Poison

Eating genetically modified corn, courtesy of Monsanto, is akin to a slow suicide. In addition, Monsanto Roundup weedkiller has the same effects according to a new cancer study.    Scientists found that rats exposed to even the smallest amounts, developed tumors, severe liver and kidney damage, and died.     So, the question is, when will arrest warrants be issued for the higher executives at Monsanto for attempted mass murder?    Oh, wait, Eric Holder is Attorney General…    Never mind.     At least France has ordered a probe.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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