120918 – Hunger Riots Coming Soon

Today’s Items:

Shine Comes Off Euro Membership

With sovereign debt crisis getting worse, the limelight on the euro has essentially gone out.    A growing number of nations, within the euro-zone, no longer desire to switch to, or use, the euro. In addition, Bulgaria, has indefinitely frozen plans to adopt the euro.

First 14 Days of September

The last 14 days of September may go down as a turning point in the history of economics.  In the wake of the Fed’s QE and the European Central Banks’s actions, the west’s largest central banks are bringing unprecedented resolve to bear on economic growth.   When history books are written, the first two weeks may be looked upon as the final nail in the coffin for both the euro and the dollar.   Are you ready?

Gold Will Soar As The World Sinks Further Into The Abyss

Michael Pento says that the Fed’s actions will send gold to an all-time high.   Inflation and real unemployment will increase while the middle class and the dollar will go down as a result of the abuse of currency we are witnessing from politicians and the Fed.   The race will begin shortly out of paper and into hard assets like gold and silver; therefore, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Food Prices &  Hunger Index Equal Unrest

For every 10 percent increase in global food prices there is a 100 percent increase in anti-government protests.   Food commodities are up 20 percent so far this year and we are seeing the Middle East on fire.   Just imagine the joy and happiness when the effect of QE3, and the worldwide drought begin to emerge in food prices?

Investigating JP Morgan

So, has JP Morgan been shorting silver, money laundering, or both?   A U.S. regulatory probe is looking into possible money laundering at JP Morgan. The scrutiny of JPMorgan comes amid a change at the top of the bank’s anti-money laundering division.   So does JP Morgan also have an anti-naked short selling division as well?    Give me a break.    Of course, we are told that JP Morgan is servicing its clients.   So, is the Fed or drug lords their clients?

Billionaires Dumping Stocks

Despite the 6.5% stock market rally over the last three months, some billionaires, like Warren Buffett, are quietly dumping their American stocks… and fast.    Some are expecting a 90% correction in the stock market and it starts with the repercussions of the Fed printing massive amounts of currency out of thin air.

GM Pushing U.S. to Sell Stake

Many people are refusing to even look at a General Motors car because of its association with both the U.S and Chinese government.   GM executives want the U.S. Treasury to sell off its stake in the auto maker.   Of course, the problem is that the sale would be a total loss for the government.   Nothing that more printing from the Fed could not fix.   No wonder, Ford wanted to avoid this mess.

TV Networks Will Be Asked to Boost ObamaCare

Using $237 million in Federal Funds, a PR company has been set up to push Hollywood to promote Obamacare on television network shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”.   This is the same kind of propaganda, at taxpayer’s expense, that occurred under Bush, with paid promotions of “No Child Left Behind.”

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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2 thoughts on “120918 – Hunger Riots Coming Soon

  1. Hi Scott, I would like your opinion on buying silver today because the price has dropped? Or wait til end of the week because it may drop more? And do you have an opinion on silver Ben Frank half dollars??
    Thanks as always for ur morning quickies:) ~Corrina

    • Hi Corrina, I cannot predict the market very well, which is why I tend to buy when buying will not hurt me financially. Meaning, if the price drops after I buy, I am not kicking myself in the pants. The prices will recover eventually and I am in this for the long haul. Junk silver, or pre-1965 coins (dollars,halves,quarters, and dimes) that are 90% silver are very good to have. I am a strong proponent of them because it is much much harder to pass a fake one off and they are small enough in any possible bartering scenarios. Hope this helps, Scott

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