Petro-Dollar Died on 6 Sept 2012

News Flash:

Alright, grab your pencil and paper because Pastor Lindsey Williams stated the following:

  1. Russia became the number one exporter of oil. Surpassing Saudi Arabia.
  2. On September 6th, the Petro-dollar died because the Chinese told the world they would do oil trades without the dollar. It will take 6-8 months for the unused dollars, that are abroad, to come crashing back in America causing massive inflation.


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One thought on “Petro-Dollar Died on 6 Sept 2012

  1. I read 70% of US currency is overseas and no one has a clue who has it and where it is. It’s essentially a loan of hundreds of billions to the USA. Also, all $100 bills in circulation more than three months have traces of cocaine. 100%! If it were to be repatriated we’d go into instant hyperinflation and economic destruction. Clock is ticking.


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