120913 – BO Becomes Carter

Today’s Items:

Widespread Distrust of  US Extends Beyond Middle East

People around the world are growing more and more weary of the U.S.   They no longer believe the B.S. coming out of Washington about invading countries; so that peace can be restored.   It is also interesting that Obama is held in low regard in the Middle East.   Perhaps, it is because, in their culture, strength is admired.   The fact that Obama is always apologizing and acting like a coward by sending unmanned drones to kill innocent people is not a characteristic of strength.   Of course, Romney is widely viewed very negatively in Europe if he were to win.

Obama Meet Jimmy Carter

Obama, who has skipped intelligence briefings since the 6th, is having his “Jimmy Carter” moment, as he expressed outrage that the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, and three others, were killed by coordinated rioting Muslims at the U.S. consulate.   Anyway, it is interesting that we heard no such anger when NATO planes, under U.S. direction, bombed Libyan schools, hospitals, and water pipelines that supply water to the cities in the Libyan desert.   So, Hillary, what was that about “We Came, We Saw, He Died?”   So, is Obama really upset about the deaths or because it is so close to the election?

South African Army Put On High Alert

Military bases in South Africa have been placed on high alert for the first time since the advent of democracy in 1994. South Africa is in a jittery mood because of fears that the 15,000 minor labor unrest could spread from the gold mines.   The fact that gold production from South Africa has gone down may be one reason for the growing unrest.

Smart Money Is Not So Smart

When sources, like the Wall St. Journal’s Smart Money, state that making gold the cornerstone of an investment portfolio is making a serious mistake, then you know, market manipulation may be involved.   Gold was about $400 in 2004.   It is today, after a relatively steady climb, about $1700.    Enough said.

The Road to World War 3

Aaron, on his YouTube channel StormCloudsGathering, has some very consistent thought provoking videos and this indeed one of them.   Please review this video that  follows the rise of the Petro-dollar, and how it has affected everyone on the planet, to the current state of Central Banker childish games of aggression against humanity.   Aaron clearly points the finger at who is the true enemy of humanity and it is not the selected puppets in government.

Natural Pain Relievers Beat Big Pharma Drugs

Want your headache gone?   Take two Tylenol in your hand, drink a glass of water, throw the Tylenol away.   Dutch researchers found the same recovery rate of drug takers versus placebos.   In addition, there’s no credible evidence that proves “aspirin therapy” can lower heart attack risk either.   Sounds like Big Pharm is always doing more harm.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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