120827 – Dangerious Sociopath

Today’s Items:

The Experts Agree: Obama is Taking us Straight to Nuclear War

Some sociopath characteristics are that they have superficial charm, are manipulative, have a grandiose sense of self, impulsive, a poor work ethic, has shallow emotions, and are a pathological liar.   Well, all of these traits, sadly, describe the current occupant of the White House.   Many experts agree that Obama is a very dangerous individual to have as the Commander-in-Chief.   In fact, they are saying that we could have imminent thermonuclear war if Obama is renominated.   And we are not even talking about re-elected here folks.   Russia, China, and other nations are watching this sociopath very carefully; as so should we all.

We Are Staring At Chaos & Collapse In Front Of Us

There was 4,000 tons of gold on the supply side over the last decade and 6500 tons on the demand; so that, there is a 2500 ton gap.   With this knowledge, Eric Sprott has this simple question…   How does China come in and buy 500 tons of physical gold and the price was not adjusted and with no increase in the supply of gold?   Simple answer… Central banks have leased out their physical gold and it will not be long before they want it back.

Absolutely Stunning Development In The Gold & Silver Markets

Dan Norcini predicted on July 28th that there would be huge moves in silver in August.   Well, last week, many hedge-funds were caught with their pants down and were headed to the exit at the same time.   Yes, there will be the shortings; however, the consolidation period has ended and we may see silver in the 40’s soon.   It’s the same thing in gold. There are large amounts of short covering in gold taking place.   If gold goes above $1700 an ounce, and refuses to back down, the shorts are in trouble and they know it.

Fifty Food Items to Stockpile Now

Here are a few…
1. Sugar
2. Pepper
3. Mustard
4. Canned meats
5. Sea salt
6. Coffee and the filters
7. Pickled vegetables

Obama Created More Jobs Than Reagan?

The BS detector has overloaded yet again with the latest whopper by Obama. He actually claimed, with the longest period of official unemployment above 8 percent, that he created more jobs than Reagan.   Amazing…   These people are going to get struck by lightening on a clear day or their pants may catch fire!

Mexico Police Fire On US Embassy Staff

A U.S. Embassy car was chased and shot at by 4 unknown cars near a drug war area, and then; somehow, came under fire by the Mexican police as well. Looks like both the Mexican police and the Mexican drug cartels do not like U.S Gun and drug runners from the U.S. Department of Injustice and the State Department.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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