NYC Shootings Prove Gun Control Does NOT Work!

News Flash:

I will not bore you with the details; however, it is interesting that Mayor Bloomberg, who hates the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, now has to admit that his cops shot some of the victims themselves.   Someone needs to feel sorry for this sadistic Bastard – Trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens and now his cops go all Gestapo.   In case you did not know it, New York City is virtually a “Gun Free Zone.”  Isn’t amazing that so many “Gun Free Zones” are the source for these “Going Postal” Episodes?   Oh, by the way, Post Offices, like public schools (think Virginia Tech or Columbine), are a “Gun Free Zone”; thus, you can hopefully make the connection yourself without too much brain work.

Imagine a scenario that was different…   If the shooter, who lived in New York City – where it illegal to own a gun and had it in his mind to ignore any gun-control laws on the law books, were in a subway instead of the Empire State Building, what would have stopped him from killing everyone on that subway car; other than running out of bullets?   This is a major reason why a well armed, and trained, citizenry is needed folks.


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One thought on “NYC Shootings Prove Gun Control Does NOT Work!

  1. Police possibly having advance orders to shoot bystanders when they believe no one will notice in the mayhem of a shooting is very concerning. I’ve long said some shootings where bystanders are shot that they were shot by others – not the alleged shooter. But I never thought that would include police officers whose duties include protecting innocent bystanders. To hear, in this case, it was possibly uniformed police is alarming.

    To what extent does this extend within the nation’s police force as a whole? We’ve watched as they’ve been militarized beginning decades ago. What “standard orders” came with the billions of dollars from the federal government used to turn local police who previously had little more than a gun, badge and uniform into fully equipped M16 carrying combat soldiers ready for battle field combat? IF such orders do exist, I’m amazed they have not been “leaked” by at least one policeman out of many thousands who does not agree with orders to aid in achieving the ultimate goal of the USA turning into a fascist totalitarian police state.

    As an aside, “fascism does NOT equal Hitler. Look it up. Fascism is the combining of Big Government and Monopolistic Big Business for the “greater good” of all (they say) but, instead, has always ended as a totalitarian police state only benefiting a very small number who essentially become absolute rulers over the other 99,9%. Throughout history this has ALWAYS ended the same way. Once the turn to fascism occurs going back has always been most difficult, requires decades of strife and often, unfortunately, much loss of life and as much as destruction of an entire country or even continent (i.e. WW2).

    Disarming the American people as a whole will NOT be the same as occurred in England and Australia 18 years ago (if this is in the plans of others). Americans have seen what comes after the loss of the right of personal protection owning firearms for DEFENSIVE purposes. Many millions have already drawn a line in the sand unwilling to allow others to do away with the Second Amendment. IMO a total police state with the loss of almost all personal freedoms is not possible as long as almost half of all American households have at least one gun. Enough Americans KNOW what comes next by just reading history to not firmly react should it ever be attempted.

    “A Good Defense is Always the Best Offense”.

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