120817 – Gold Backed Currency

Today’s Items:

China Launching Gold Backed Global Currency!

The cat is now out of the bag, the US Dollar will soon be history.   China is recasting all of their gold reserves into small one kilo bars in order to issue a new ‘gold backed’ global currency.   With trade agreements with Russia, Japan, Chile, Brazil, India and Iran, the writing is clearly written on the wall. And you can forget about those gold ETF’s because there is no where enough physical gold backing them up.

Iceland Was Right and IMF was Wrong

Now in what may be the greatest economic “mea culpa” in history, the media is having to admit that the Iceland was right when they told the bankers to go to hell when faced with the possibility of bailing them out with taxpayer money.   Officials at the IMF, to cover their backside, are using the phrases like “surprisingly strong recovery” when describing Iceland. Since this is the case, imposed austerity has been nothing less than a deliberate attempt to destroy European economies.

Labor Department Attempts to Stop State Layoffs

To help prevent layoffs, at least until after the November election, the Labor Department is going to bribe states to keep their state employees.   These grants, work-sharing programs and other schemes are designed to hide the true U.S. economic situation; however, this only puts off the consequences of out of control government spending and bad fiscal policies.

40 Points That Prove That Obama And Romney Are Essentially The Same

Here are a few…
1. Both supported TARP
2. Neither supports balancing the federal budget
3. Both support the Federal Reserve
4. Both support NDAA
5. Both support the TSA
6. Both support illegal immigration
7. Both support gun control

$12,000 Gold

Stephen Leeb, Chairman of Leeb Capital Management, believes there is a coming move in gold to $12,000 an ounce.   In addition, John Paulson and George Soros have just increased their paper gold holdings.   Gold, between 1976 to 1980, went from roughly $100 to $800 an ounce.   If this eight factor increase holds true again, then gold could go from $1600 to over $12,000 an ounce.   Question is, would people sell their gold at that price for paper considering the economic situation with the dollar?

Price of Ground Beef Hits Record High

At an average price of $3.09 a pound, beef has hit a record high in the US.   Prior to June, the average cost of 100% ground beef in the United States had never topped $3.00.   If this keeps up, there are going to be more vegetarians.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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